Next Future : Most Advanced Top 10 FUTURE WEAPONS Already Being 1 day ago   31:32

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Terrorism on American soil is the reason for the use of drones.  They, in my opinion, ask for it!!!
Pete Dyer
WAR Is Business! & Business Is Good.
Phoenix Laforest
this is only going to make it easier to create wars.. it's not going to stop them... it's only going to help create more.. fucking war mongers
Less human lives lost. More terrorist killed. Cool.
Денис Д
Хохли свое все проипали, теперь на чужое смотрят
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Top 10 FUTURE WEAPONS Already Being Next Future : Most Advanced 1 day ago   09:56

Welcome to Top10Archive! While peace is ideal, conflict always seems inevitable. While not at war, most nations will continue their research into devastating weapons to remain a contender in the war of nations. While these advances can lead to improvements and forward thinking along with technological advances, at what cost will we go to remain safe?

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10. Active Denial System
9. Autonomous Weapon System
8. Electromagnetic Railgun
7. LaWs - Laser Weapon System
6. Gauss Gun
5. Metal Storm Sentry Gun
4. Corner Shot
3. DREAD Silent Weapon System
2. Aurora Excalibur


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