10 Science Projects for Elementary School 10 New Science Experiments That You Can Do At Home 2 days ago   18:41

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0:13 - Avoiding Pepper
1:28 - Dancing Raisins
2:39 - Diving Ketchup
4:32 - Duck Call
5:38 - Motion On The Ocean
7:35 - Put Out A Candle Without Blowing It Out
9:15 - Snake Bubbles
12:41 - Singing Glasses
14:35 - Scary Slime
17:17 - Soda Can Jump

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Jagan Nair
1:52 how is full
jheimy eusse
i have a science ciub i am the host
Oof4kpop Ha
Anyone else in 2019??
Javier PLAYZ
Thanks, I'll choose the ketchup one for my project.
Affan Malik
So nice
ryshon powell
Dude you are awesome you gave me so much ideas
Caprice Price
they liyed about the duck call
Opposite 87
The bubble one is cool
Camauri Soders
I'm in 2019
May Wang
I hope these work
Clynns Emmanuel
I’m in 2019
April Davis
Olympic flame
Jane Managing
Love yoù'r vids
felicitas vandello
on soda can jump it hit his face! LOL
music Soni
Where we get hydrogen peroxide
Kailash Rathod
Very nice experiment
Heather Nejman
me . no not really
Frosty07 Iceberg
Can U pls make a vid about amazing bubble fun? 😃👍
Frosty07 Iceberg
I LOVE the bubbles!! 😁
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10 New Science Experiments That You Can Do At Home 10 Science Projects for Elementary School 2 days ago   17:56

HooplakidzLab brings to you 10 brand new science experiments that you can easily do at home using everyday household items. | Cool Science Experiments by HooplakidzLab | Welcome To HooplakidzLab where science is fun. Today we are here with some of the coolest science experiments you and your little one can try at home.

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(00:31) Wrapper Worms
(02:00) Super Cool Ice
(03:46) Microwave a Lightbulb
(05:07) Balancing On A Knife
(06:22) Paper Spincopter
(08:45) Eskimo Gloves
(11:02) Calculate the Height of Any Object
(12:59) Magic Mirror
(14:56) Make a Duck Call
(15:58) Witches Brew

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