How Your Urinary System Works? Digestive System of Human Body 2 days ago   04:22

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Hey Kids, while the process of urination plays a very important part of our system, many don't know the exact process of the same. Here is Dr. Binocs telling us all about how our urinary system works only on Peekaboo Kidz!

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Rashmi Prasad
it starts from kidneys and ends at the urethra
Henry Zhou
Aparna Biyani
The answer is 'Kidneys'
sabeena ibrahim
kalpana jha
Starts from kidney 😊
Andrews Devarajan
fast and steady
ajani graver
Pratibha C
It starts from the kidneys If right Dr.Binocs
Rehan Samadi
Rehan Samadi
Ibrahim Noor
Starts from kidneys
Shreeja Madhu
Saxena Binny
R. Valentina Pratt
In the kidney
steve carter
In the kidneys
Carol Everjoy
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Digestive System of Human Body How Your Urinary System Works? 2 days ago   03:49

Our topic for today is Digestive System in Humans.
Digestion is a process in which complex food material is broken down into simpler substances.
The digestion of food in humans takes place in the alimentary canal, which is a long tube extending from the mouth to the anus.
The different parts of the alimentary canal are buccal cavity, food pipe or oesophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine and anus.
Two glands namely, liver and pancreas also help in digestion.
The food is taken in through the mouth.
It is chewed and mixed with saliva in the buccal cavity.
Saliva is a digestive juice secreted by the salivary glands.
The chewed food enters into the food pipe or oesophagus and is then slowly pushed into a bag like structure called stomach.
The food is churned in the stomach to further break it down.
The stomach also secretes mucous, digestive juices and hydrochloric acid.
The hydrochloric acid kills the bacteria in the food and makes the food acidic.
The food then goes into a highly coiled tube called small intestine.
The small intestine receives secretions from the liver and pancreas.
The liver secretes bile juice while the pancreas secretes pancreatic juice.
The walls of the small intestine also secrete juices, which help in further digestion of food.
The inner surface of the small intestine has finger like projections called villi.
The villi have extensive network of blood vessels.
The digested food is then passed into the blood vessels .
The undigested food is passed into the large intestine.
It is wider than the small intestine.
Excess of water and salts are absorbed here and undigested waste is passed out of the body through the anus.

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