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documentary about Black Plague

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The Phantom Safety Pin
Scientists like these are heroes and should be seen as such. Unfortunately hoaxes online spread faster than trust.
Noahide Videos Bible
Realize God visits these plagues on pride filled peoples.
Margaret B. Moss
Excellent documentary.
Budd Zeitlin
The great vague.
Hillary Clintub
Didn't a Chinese scientist recently do a little genetic manipulation on his own to make humans immune to the HIV virus? Wasn't he crucified in the international media for it? Is it true that no good deed goes unpunished?
L' enfant
rip bush
Joy Walsh
I was fascinated with this story and the future possible treatments of cancer etc. I'm a cancer survivor of 25 years. It will be interesting to see future developments.
Letitia Lyons
Could isolating the genetic mutations be useful in fighting neurodegenerative diseases??🙇🙏🙏🙏🙏💔💖💪
Please work on this😞😑🙏🙏🙇🙏🙏🙏😇
Logische Ayame
2:29 why the hell is that sign there? xD
big Cahuna
"" Some say "" the plague was introduced into drinking wells in Europe by a ""shadow"" government.
Graeme Mitchell
Electronic plagues are what we have to deal with in the modern world!
Michelle Dahl
Rh- people don't have the proteins that diseases attach to.
Windy Daley
The Big Pharma will not allow the cure for the diseases like cancer because they make too much money on radiation and chemotherapy. Unfortunately, there is that much greed.
Populations control man made
Does it bug anyone else that the costuming is definitely not Tudor for the most part?
Sandra norman
Have actually seen a case of bubonic plague that turned into pneumonic plague. The problem was that no one took precautions when we handled the patients body fluids or blood or urine. They gave us an antibiotic. Frightening. When the patient died no undertaker would handle the body.
joseph gilliand
Any contagion is going to kill more poor people than rich people because there are more of them.:)
The Institut Pasteur Madagascar has cultured 33 DIFFERENT isolates of Yersinia pestis,
An outbreak of plague in Madagascar in 2014 started on 31 August. ...
The outbreak is in the form of bubonic and pneumonic plague. By 16
November 2014, a total of 119 cases had been confirmed, including 40
deaths. Two percent of reported cases were of the pneumonic form.
Plague outbreak in Madagascar: 57 dead, 680 infected - CNN
Oct 16, 2017 - (CNN) The plague outbreak in Madagascar is continuing to
spread at unprecedented rates, with 57 deaths and more than 680 cases.
The latest Madagascar plague outbreak has killed 133,
The plague outbreak in Madagascar has left 133 people dead and resulted
in 1836 suspected or confirmed cases ... Updated 1:31 PM ET, Fri
November 3, 2017.
2018 august Tedros voiced alarm that "plague in Madagascar behaved in a very, very different way this year."
Cases sprang up far earlier than usual and, instead of being confined to
the countryside, the disease infiltrated towns. The authorities
recorded more than 2 000 cases, and Tedros said Wednesday the death toll
stood at 207.
From the 1 August through 22 November 2017, a total of 2348 confirmed,
probable and suspected cases of plague, including 202 deaths (case
fatality rate 8.6 %), were reported by the Ministry of Health of
Madagascar to WHO. There were 1791 cases of pneumonic plague, of which
22% were confirmed, 34% were probable, and 44% were suspected. In
addition to pneumonic cases, there were reports of 341 cases of bubonic
plague, one case of septicaemic plague and 215 cases with type
No Use for a Name
2:28 that "Kick me. I like it," sign in the back.. 😂
Just natures way of culling the heard.
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