Most Terrifying Weapons of US Military Tales of the Gun / Guns of the World: Afghanistan 2 days ago   25:40

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US Military’s new $500 Billion WEAPON will dominate the World

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Rahul Gogalia
Why world needs wepon
Rahul Gogalia
Wepon is non liveing killer which is operated by human
Rahul Gogalia
What the benefits wepon given
Rahul Gogalia
Weasting a money on wepon rather than west in the poor people for education and health
Lucas Designs
this is kinda sad to see the people developing this technology. they are kinda like evil scientists trying to find the best way to kill someone. why would you focus on something like this? is the world really this bad?
I always hated Americans because of their ego and stupidity. But I'm more relaxed about it now. The Americans that get to wield these weapons are the ones that understand how to pull a trigger, but nothing about their purpose in the larger picture whatsoever. Also because america invests all it's money, pardon me, debt, in warfare, there is no social security, poor or unavailable healthcare and crap education. Thus America is breeding cheap soldiers that can easily be replaced.

Indeed, America's wars look to be unsuccessful at first glace but if they are, why are the Americans waging them? The answer is that in the field, their wars are about as successful as vegetables in their hamburgers. Economically, they're a disaster for America's future slaves, I mean soldiers . But the banksters and other people in higher places are getting filthy rich. So the wars are successful. Very much so. Just... not for you and your family. Ha.

If we're optimistic, then at least the American fake wars help solve the overpopulation problem. Too bad it's mostly innocent people and relatively so few americans that die in conflict. Karma must have something better in store for the Americans. Like, failure of the dollar...

Either way, I don't hate them so much anymore. I kinda feel sorry.
Vincent Knight
the world will be controlled by the Anti Christ under the New World Order { NWO } which is spoken by daniele the prophet on the Anti Christ and the Ten Nations, whic means the world will be divided into ten nations, because the Anti Christ will try to control the world but he will destroy 3 of them when he takes office
Vincent Knight
the world will be at war for the sole purpose of depopulation, and instead of robots galore human cloning will take place
Mahmoud Suhail
Still, Mosquitos kill more humans than human does! USA needs to work harder to score over,,, mosquitos.
Alam Udesky
It is important to consider this side to side withe the reconfigured ED 209 for efficiency
ONE %er
Great you've got people in an office developing technology for a soldier that has never been in his shoes. You take a man and install discipline , and training, and techniques how to kill another man without showing any mercy. Then you have a soldier. They already do that. These guys are trying to develope gear that will allow anybody to be a killer. That will never happen.
Des Troya
No more wars for Israel, no more wars for Saudi Arabia. On behalf of all Americans who want peace, I will not go along with more wars of aggression and more lies. Tell us the truth
Gordon Wiessner
Total shit products, waste of money.
Vittal Koppal
Stupid Fools, still when are you going to start WW 3.?? We're eagerly waiting to die because of your Psychological, Chemical, Biological, Nuclear & Hydrogen Bombs explosions. Basterds, Still when are you going to start WW 3. Would you please be kind enough in order to start WW 3, Immediately.?? Hahaha.!! Bastards, we're not afread to die as much as you're afread to die.!! Bastards, In case if you're really & truly sons & daughters of your own mother's Married husbands.. start WW 3 Immediately.. or else accept that you're not sons & daughters of your mother's Married husbands & you're sons & daughters of an UNKNOWN fuckers of your mother.!
HEK 293
human mice for the angel of death!
How about a Jeep?
Bishop Anderson
That weapon in the thumbnail is what God would use to shoot somebody
Tony Evans
We will end up going back to bows and arrows and edged weapons the way this Fukin planet is going lol ⚔️⚒🗡
Keks Gloryhole Fun
The most dangerous weapon in the world is our memes.
lazzybum Lee
One bombwillkillsbunch of soldiers.Robots will replace human soldier.
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Tales of the Gun / Guns of the World: Afghanistan Most Terrifying Weapons of US Military 2 days ago   44:30

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