15 Home Science Experiments | Learn 25 Cool Science Experiments That 1 day ago   34:02

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25 Cool Science Experiments That 15 Home Science Experiments | Learn 1 day ago   51:13

Welcome To HooplakidzLab where science is fun. Today we are here with some of the 25 coolest science experiments you and your little one can try at home.

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Jump into any science experiment:
(00:13) Homemade lava Lamp
(02:44) Make a Square Bubble
(05:40) Scary Slime
(08:23) Rainbow In a Tube
(11:27) Lava Art At Home
(15:04) Rising Water
(16:29) How To Measure Your Lung Capacity
(19:40) Gravity Defying Water Experiments
(20:49) Orange Candle
(22:49) Magic Match
(24:32) Avoiding Pepper
(25:45) Raining Blood
(27:13) Rise in A Bottle
(29:03) Dancing Popcorn
(30:15) Seeing Sound
(31:53) Jet Powered Boat
(34:17) Marshmallow Catapult
(36:40) Traveling Water
(38:36) Witches Brew
(40:09) How To Make Rust
(42:01) Water Bulge
(43:22) Coathanger Scales
(46:28) Homemade Compass
(47:42) Hovercraft
(49:20) Floating Letters

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