Bengali Rhyme | Tiye | Bengali Sone ka Anda 3D Animated Hindi 1 day ago   01:37

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Aye re aye tiye is an animated Bangla rhyme! Tiye, a Bengali rhyme about a mother singing to her child about a parrot bringing him a paper boat. Tiye, is a popular Bengali rhyme. Small children love this fun Bengali rhyme.

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Tiye Bengali Nursery Rhyme Song and Kids song - your favourite Bengali nursery rhyme and Bengali baby song by Kid Rhymes


Tiye Bengali Nursery Rhyme Song and Kids song - The Best Bengali Nursery Rhyme and Bengali Kids Song! This is a non-stop collection of Bengali Kid Songs by Kid Rhymes

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ঢের শুনেছি ওসব ছড়া

ঢের শুনেছি ভূতের ছড়া
ঢের শুনেছি পরীর
এখন শুধু শুনবো ছড়া
টিক টিক টিক ঘড়ির।
ঢের শুনেছি বাঘের ছড়া
ঢের শুনেছি হাতীর
এখন শুধু শুনবো ছড়া
শেষ কালো এক রাতির।
ঢের শুনেছি হাসির ছড়া
ঢের শুনেছি ভয়ের
এখন শুধু শুনবো ছড়া
মানবতার জয়ের।
ঢের শুনেছি খুকুর ছড়া
ঢের শুনেছি খোকার
এ সব শুনে চাই না হতে
এই সমাজের জোকার।
sabbir ahmed
sabbir ahmed
Adiba Rahman
KOB sondor
Nisith dolai
Md Kader
my little brother see it
Md Kader
my little brother see it
Bangla12 12
Nazifa Nazim
w"" r13rv গটাযাূা্! &"৪- আ। য়দ
Rakibul Hasan
Lamia Hasnat
My sis watch it
Bidhan Chandra Biswas
zoyariya Khatun
rajeev kumar
Tayashuk Noor
when i was young i always listen the rhymes
shuken babu
Super Kids
That seems Magur mach, not boal mach!
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Sone ka Anda 3D Animated Hindi Bengali Rhyme | Tiye | Bengali 1 day ago   18:26

Sone ka Anda 3D Animated Hindi Stories for Kids | Moral Stories सोने का अंडा हिन्दी कहानी Tales

Hello kids Watch and learn the best moral values #MoralStoriesForKids with #PanchatantraTales And Have Fun Learn With So Many #BedtimeStories, Today in this video is about one Foolish Man Who Lossed Golden Hen. He Had A Hen Farm And In Those There Are One Golden Hen Which Gives A Golden Egg. The Foolish Man Always Take The Egg And Sell The egg In The Market. With That Money He is Very Rich Very Shortly. One Day He Got One Foolish Thought, that He is cutting The Stoumuch of the hen to collect all eggs at once but he failed with his foolish thought, he killed the hen and he lossed golden eggs.

The Moral Is Think Before You Act.

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