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Street Vehicles for Kids - Learn Colors with Street Vehicles and Colors sorting. Sort and put colorful Street Vehicles in the buckets. This is an educational video for toddler kids, kindergarten and preschool children and a cool colors sorting game. Colors covered in this video are Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Orange. Watch the cars, trucks, bus, motorcycle, monster truck and train engine go into the right buckets.

Colors Time codes:
0:14 Orange
0:16 Blue
0:18 Red
0:20 Red
0:22 Yellow

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nice ;-), subs back me...
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liked :)
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Lære kjøretøyene for småbarn Tinyschool Street Vehicles Colors, Color 2 days ago   02:35

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Vi håper at foreldre ikke føler at barna deres kun bruker tid mens de ser på, men også lærer viktige ting de vil få bruk for i hverdagen sin.

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