US Military’s New $100 Billion WEAPON 20 Shocking China Facts You Didn�۪t 2 days ago   18:36

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US Military’s New $100 Billion WEAPON (Message TO CHINA) Educational videos

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Bob Best
"$100 billion weapon"---i am so disgusted with phony titles to drag viewers in as click bait.  f.u.
Sebi One
Fallout 4 may not be that far off.
Albert Archer
Imagine what 100 billion U.S. dollars is going to be worth when China controls the most vital resource of U.S. economy. Obama shared your view of spirituality and peace beginning by REGRESSING our MILITARY GLOBAL POSITIONS because Quote... U.S. INTIMIDATES COUNTRIES WITH OUR MILITARY AND BULLIES COUNTRIES INSTEAD OF USING PEACEFUL TALKS AND COMPRIMISE... Well... CHINA and RUSSIA advanced their MILITARY and took the TERRITORY that OBAMA GAVE AWAY.... Now China and Russia are the MOST POWERFUL ECONOMIES... CHINA and RUSSIA are much more important to OUR ALLIED countries ECONOMIES now. Why do u think AUSTRALIA, FRANCE, GERMANY, INDIA have stayed out of the situation? China threatend them once, they left. They cant bite the hand that NOW FEEDS THEM. Our Northern ALLIES are CUT OFF
from us and wouldnt be able to assist us even if they tried...ISREAL now relies on RUSSIA for protection because U.S. is surrounded and isolated. BREXIT is not a coincidence. The writing is on the wall and our allies know it.
Corrine Tsang
James Dale Davidson(advisor to 4 US president)said the day of reckoning is coming,we can not keep printing money.China holds one trillion dollars or more in US treasury bonds.Before the first shot is fired,China will cash in their bonds that is earning very low interest.There is no defense against 1,000 WU-14 evading supersonic missiles DF-41 with MIVR hidden in 3,000 miles of nuclear tunnels built for a possible attacked by the former Soviet Union.Now,China has 2,000 WU-14 evading IMBM with MIVR DF-16,DF-21D,DF-26 that may be hidden in thousands miles of tunnels(high speed rail and Highway tunnels).I could use the money to build our infrastructue.Like a pipeline from the Missouri River to the Platt River to the Colorado River or a pipeline from Oregon into Shasta Dam .Think of all the roads or bridges that we could build with one trillion dollars.
no message to russia?US and russia both superpower ,you don't message to superpower,but you have message to a third country?
sasha brinks
Where TF is my money Uncle Sam?!
Just BS!
Yossi Beneliezer
The best way We in the U.S. can prepare for war with China is DOT (denial-of-trade). We should not have any trade and therefore become accomplices to future aggression on the U.S. and Americans by a ever growing and expanding hostile power.
Randy Sparks
The US will not stand down so as long as China keeps up there stupid stuff Almeria will be there.
Randy Sparks
SSBN are on Patrol off Chinas shores.
Randy Sparks
It will not be long that japan if North Korea keeps up there dumb bshit They will start producing very powerful H- bombs Same with S. Korea and Taiwan.
the human race is a fucking disaster
you're all idiots, nothing is gonna happen. Just boys with toys rattling their sabers and thats it. In the nuclear world, a war between superpowers means death to the whole world. Thats why nothing happened for 60 years, thats why nothing will happen. Honestly Paranoid people. Besides, why the worry? If by some miniscule chance we all die in a worldwide nuclear holocaust, rejoice. The earth will be free of us
Chris Van Middelkoop
i see what you did there...
Stacy Skywatch
Ban all bankers wars,, drop your weapons and go home to your family's,,
Ricardas Paleckis
this is south front channel on youtube video why u dont leave credits if u copy
JP Brewer
Yay I love paying for new warships, better than other things tax money could pay for.
Puppen Von Hyppen
LOL what a joke you could shoot down this crap with AK 47 LOL shit us weapons is shit weapona as usual INFERIOR US WEAPONS EASILY DEFEATED BY SUPEIROR RUSSIAN AND CHINA SCIENTIFIC WEAPONRY HA!
gotyt gotyt
Why do you think so much money is being spent on mobilizing forces there? There's money to be made by forcing the US govt to spend more on military contracts instead of education or social spending.
mattyboy ahoy
building a military base in had to say something...7:33 lol
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20 Shocking China Facts You Didn�۪t US Military’s New $100 Billion WEAPON 2 days ago   06:45

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Apart from being the most populous country in the world, China's economy is the second largest in the world after the US. However, some activities, norms, and Chinese government policies are quite bizarre by Western standards. From leftover women to dog meat festival, here are 20 Shocking China Facts You Didn�۪t Know About

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