Blippi Learns the 5 Senses at a Play 1 Hour Blippi Compilation | Educational 2 days ago   17:45

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Blippi learns the 5 senses while playing at a play place. Blippi makes educational videos for toddlers and in this Blippi video of the Blippi Toys channel he will teach your children about the 5 senses. The Indoor play place is a great place to play and explore with Blippi. This indoor playground is the funtastic playtorium where Blippi will help your child learn colors, learn numbers, learn shapes, and also learn senses with Blippi! Blippi teaches senses while using things like slime, googly glasses, and more fun items. Thanks for watching this Blippi 5 sense video. For more Blippi videos including Blippi songs, be sure to subscribe to

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1 Hour Blippi Compilation | Educational Blippi Learns the 5 Senses at a Play 2 days ago   1:09:08

Blippi brings your one hour of educational videos for children. Learn with Blippi and his videos like the Sink of Float video and others. This compilation for toddlers is a fun way to learn with Blippi. Subscribe to Blippi and his educational videos and fun songs for children at

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Sink of Float:

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