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Hello! Everyone and Welcome to HooplaKidzLab! Today, I have Another Vlog for you "The Science Of Ghost" As we desperately want to know What Happens when we die or the Life after death However these questions are still unanswered Just have a look and Enjoy the Vlog Hope you like it!

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bhuvana dk
we human are living things, so if ghost exists really then every living things like dog,cat , plants etc etc must also have to take the form of ghost . I dont know why in the movies and media ghost exists only in the form of human beings why cant the ghost take the form of animals, birds etc. Every living thing has a soul inside it as we humans have .
Shalom Drama
How often have you felt that strange gust of wind? Don’t worry, chant this protective mantra “Om Benza Wiki Bitana Soha” 108 times and all’s well. Read up here: bit%(dot)^ly/DSretreat
Happy Kailey
It is fake
Muzzamil Ahmed
Many people won't know what this means but if I see something creepy i say, (auzu bilahi mena shauitaunyr a jeem). I'm a Muslim btw
Brittney Bitch
I saw a green light figure staring at my room.
Also once at my room I was sleeping and something pushed me and woke me up
And it was NOT my mom or dad.
Now I'm still in the day with the green figure...
Pruthvi PrO
What if I say I got proof ?
Makrand Ovhal
Pieter Breedt
Ghosts does not exits way with all the technology these days and no clear picture ,just a mith
Pŕíñçé Ãŕśhú
Super bro
The Legend Superior
please reduce ur background music so we can HEAR better:thank you
Sam Manar
Do you really belive that ghosts exist
Dalim Rongpi
I like it but some says they see ghodt
Ebon Collins
Christ says if you are not doing the will of God then by default you are doing the will of Your father the devil. That is why it moves.

The earth is flat
Black cat
Francis Fawkes
These ghosts are really impersonating spirits. The Bible says regard not them that have familiar spirits, neither must you seek after them to be defiled by them (Leviticus 19: 31). Many times they are not diseased relatives

. Yes, Christians believe for salvation. I know of such a case. But they live defeated lives. They say Satan cannot touch them because they are living in God's will. The fact of the matter is that Satan is beating some of them up, Witchcraft is beating some of them down, and curses, both family and generational, are tormenting them. The enemy can put them in the hospital through hexes because they do not employ the weapons of warfare to cancel them. Neither have they developed sufficient spiritual discernment. It is a tragedy that some do expire early.

Ephesians 6: 12 states: "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." These list the four levels on which demonic principalities operate in Satan's administration. Read any of Kenneth "Papa" Hagin's books on "The Believer's Authority." These saved people remain Christians. It is important for the body of Christ to know that one-third of Jesus' ministry consisted in casting out demons!!! 25, 809
Nahi cookie is awesome chacon
Ghost ha please they don't even exist they r just stories 😂😂😂
Jake Ryan
Nice Nice try but I don’t think this is true 🤔
So what happens when its neither a mental health illness case, a creaky pipe, or any other means of explanation?
Maceo Lindsey
Can you do a vid on sludge/slime?
Fuck you
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Do Plants Sleep? Science Vlog#3 The Science Of Ghosts Science Vlog#2 1 day ago   02:11

Do Plants Sleep? Science Vlog#3 HooplaKidzLab | Hello!!! Everyone Back Again with An Exciting Vlog Hope you like it Do Let me know about the video in the Comment Do share your thoughts.
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What would Happen if Earth's Magnetic Field Flipped? Science Vlog #1 HooplaKidzLab -

The Science Of Ghosts Science Vlog#2 HooplaKidzLab -

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