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Video showing US Army UH-60 Blackhawk and Boeing CH-47 Chinook carrying heavy payload (like humvee and mobile bridge part) during sling operation training.

Videos credit: Tech. Sgt. Matt Hecht, Sgt. Aaron Ricca , Spc. Austin Stein

Thumbnail credit: Sgt. Leejay Lockhart by educational documentary

Super Deadliest Helicopters of US Army

Future Vertical Lift (FVL) is a program to develop a family of helicopters for the United States Armed Forces. Four different sizes of aircraft are to be developed. They are to share common hardware such as sensors, avionics, engines, and countermeasures. FVL is meant to develop a replacement for the Army's UH-60 Black Hawk, AH-64 Apache, CH-47 Chinook, and OH-58 Kiowa helicopters. The precursor for FVL is the Joint Multi-Role (JMR) helicopter program, which will provide technology demonstrations planned for 2017. The Army plans to acquire as many as 4,000 aircraft from the FVL program.

The U.S. Navy is a partner to the Army on the effort, so a derivative of FVL may be used in the Navy's MH-XX program to replace the service's MH-60S/R helicopters.

The Army wants to reinvent the very idea of rotorcraft, with a new propulsion concept. After the flight tests and technology development, JMR will end and a Request for Proposals (RFP) will be issued open to all companies to begin the projected $100 billion FVL effort. Demonstrators developed under JMR will be "X-planes" to demonstrate some key technologies, but they won't have production-representative engines or real mission systems architecture; JMR will show off technologies to enable Army rotary-wing aviation to make the next leap in speed, lift, protection, and interoperability under FVL for the 2030s. The program is intentionally slow paced to avoid past program failures.

Although requirements are still being refined, the notional concept for a new aircraft must reach speeds of 230 kn (260 mph; 430 km/h), carry up to 12 troops, operate in "high-hot" conditions at altitudes of 6,000 ft (1,800 m) and temperatures of 95-degrees Fahrenheit, and have a combat radius of 424 km (263 mi) with an overall unrefueled range of 848 km (527 mi).

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Fretco Fretco
that helicopters face tho :D lmao
Byron WhitIow
id love to drive any one of these great american machines!
The Soviets exploded their first nuclear weapon in 1949. China revealed plans for its own stealth bomber last year.

But there are still some weapons the rest of the world doesn't have.

like the MQ9 Reaper Drone, the Laser Avenger and the ADAPTIV cloaking
give U.S. troops the advantage on any battlefield around the world.

Some of these weapons have been around for several years but were recently modified, and some are still in production.
the ONLY thing that needs an upgrade is humanities lust for power and
war! When will the time come when we realize that all this money being
spent is "our" money which should ALL be used to better mankind. None of
this hightech weapons will ever make our ONE and ONLY planet any
Russia is 15 years ahead of USA military ,. look it up ,. They still
train in plane dog fight ,. every one els stopped ,.they have the best
of most out there.
The United States of America spends more money on its military than the
next eight nations combined.with 200,000 troops stationed in over 144
countries,The Facts About Military That Will Blow Your Mind is that ⇒ By
2033 the U.S. will be paying $59 billion a year to its veterans injured
in the wars⇒America's defense spending doubled in the same period that
its economy shrunk from 32 to 23 percent of global output*⇒The yearly
cost of stationing one soldier in Iraq could feed 60 American families⇒
In 2008, the Pentagon spent more money every five seconds in Iraq than
the average American earned in a year⇒ The pentagon budget consumes 80%
of individual income tax revenue⇒The Pentagon spends more on war than
all 50 states combined spend on health, education, welfare, and safety⇒
The U.S. has 5% of the world's population -- but almost 50% of the
world's total military expenditure
Dennis Weifenbach
Iv'e done that type of flying in a fixed wing plane, but don't think I want to do it in the any of these helicopters.
Less irritating music, more facts please. REJECT!
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Extreme Helicopters! Incredible Landings, Extremely Powerful US Helicopter Carrying 2 days ago   07:03

A great collection of extreme and incredible helicopters
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A great collection including:
- chinook amazing landing and incredible reverse take-off
- two Westland Lynx helicopters dancing
- an unbelievable disembarkation by helicopter
- the flying bulls aerobatics and acrobatics flights
- a Swordfish and a Lynx helicopter almost touching
- a landing in heavy wind conditions and crosswind
- very low fly-by and performances in the sky at the limit that seems they are going to crash
- a Bell 206 "Jet Ranger" helicopter versus Antonov An-124
and much more!

Some of the helicopters you will see in this collection:
- CH-47 Chinook
- "Tiger" from Airbus Helicopters / Eurocopter (Unit cost: US$ 32 million with an incredible developing cost of US$ 12 billion)
- Agusta Westland EH-101 Mk512 Merlin
- Russian-built Mi-171 helicopter
- Mil Mi-24
- Apache Huey
- Bell AH-1 "Cobra"
- Bell 206 "Jet Ranger"
These are some of the strongest, most incredible and expensive helicopter ever built.

Some of these incredible exhibitions took place at the following airshows:
- Biggin Hill Air Fair
- Bournemouth Air Festival
- Cosford Airshow
- ILA Berlin Air Show
- Danish Karup AFB Air Show
- Kecskemét Air Show


"Swordfish and Lynx helicopter" & "Flares from Lynx helicopter": courtesy of Roman Hobler from flickr.com/photos/hobler

A special thank to LEJ.approach (dvldi)

All clips and images in this video have been directly recorded by me or used with written authorization from the author or in accordance with their CC-BY/CC-BYSA license.

Clips and Images under CC license are listed in "Source videos - View attributions" and below:
- Chinook in reverse-emergency landing demonstration: Robert Gipson (+100500 Videos)
- Dancing copters: Jessica Spengler from flickr.com/photos/wordridden
- Chinook at Cosford Airshow clips: ozz13x form flickr.com/photos/24931020@N02
- Chinook hovering with only the rear wheels touching the edge of a cliff: The U.S. Army from flickr.com/photos/soldiersmediacenter

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