CHINA's New $100 Billion WEAPON US vs Iran - Strait of Hormuz 2 days ago   17:37

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The Chinese Economy has been growing very rapidly over the past few decades and can only sustain so much more population and economic growth. The incredible way in which the Chinese economy came to be did not come free, however. The people of China are plagued with a horrendous amount of toxins and smog from their active factories. Daily, in cities like Beijing, the weather reports include smog warnings, and depending on the day, citizens may need to wear gas masks to avoid carcinogens and toxins from the air. The upper class and the privileged in China have air filters, but the poor and middle class who can't afford them are the ones who suffer. So, unless the Chinese government fixes this problem quickly, the people of China will revolt because of the pollution or their lack of civil liberties, whichever comes first. The proletariat, those who are affected by the pollution, are a dangerous group, especially in a communist nation. China cannot sustain this growth for too much longer unless things are changed.

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Lee Qing Long
Can't wait for WW3
blue widow
It all depends on your fighter pilots skill you can give someone a bunch of fighter jets and send them out but can they fly them if the other military has better training there going to win every time and us air force is the best
Gojko Ruzicic
Da nije ameria i engleza ljudi nebi pravili razornia i moćna oruzja, već bi živeli u blagodatim dobrima covecanstva, zbog njih se čovečanstvo mora braniti, živeli rusi i kinezi, branite planetu od napasti
Main ingredient :

Ace Chiu
Felix Alvaranga
cheap copies of great Russian weaponry , stopped watching after 1 min .
Cliffton Giguere
the f22 and f35 are still pretty bad as* and still probably the top of the food chain. But the message here is the BRICS nations are trying to be the #1 GLOBAL influence. nice f22Ski and f3🉐
Caped Baldy Saitama
how can this be educational . stupid creator.
Caped Baldy Saitama
to the creator of this stupid video fuck u .
Unbidweevil 25
some of these weapons are American or stolen from the America military
A Wasp
china has a new knockoff?
Captain JohnWick
Clickbait waste of time with a horrible soundtrack
Pamela Hahn
Fake drums black hip hop crap
Eric Yeung
All is used against the people, perhaps.
hope you get cancer and most of all, I hope that your cure will be as your "documentary", fake !
shame on you !
Anthony Rivera Jr.
You can throw all the videos of China's military, but in the end of the day, we always have something in our sleeve to overcome and diversity.  WW11 was a perfect example of our secret ability to shock the world.  Believe me, Americans will shock the world again if we have to.  They know better!
ray z.
shit this weapons is from philippines, 8====D~

totally FAKE

use it once it will blow in your face and that explosion gives you cancer.
Patrick Willian
Take a picture of our ex- president ( Brazil ) with these communists , we do not fight against the US !
Peter Kee
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US vs Iran - Strait of Hormuz CHINA's New $100 Billion WEAPON 2 days ago   10:08

As modern weaponry increases in range, the battlefield gets smaller. And in an already tight space, things will get interesting... and fast!

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