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toughest military training academy in the world

which army has the best trained soldiers

top 10 best trained soldiers in the world

most intense military training

hardest military basic training

hardest military training programs

toughest military training hardest boot camp

toughest military in the world

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Yannase Wilson
Can you read my language
7512 4027 83 5629 not anwser
And btw do not press read more

What did I say
Ligma Balls
I did this. In my past life
Niña Jean Berro
Lol toughest? Pls watch filipino airborns
ted harry
SASR is physical and psychological torture. The 3 week selection course is designed for failure. Hardened soldiers cry.
Guys complete it on broken bones. Expect to lose 15% of your bodymass in the last few days, and that's just the entry.
The real training goes on for 18 months. They are literally made into a one man army.
2 soldiers alone were put on standby for Desert storm but not deployed, which gives an idea of how elite these guys are.
margie antaran
I know how hard it is,,, I have two sons in the US Army,,,
Jazz V
Doesn't look so hard, just uncomfortably wet
Rishav Raj
*Any Pubg player*
Kari H
Bruh we did this in football 😂
Anna Becker
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Piyush Singh Royal Yadav
Nice army
cpt_micheal_j_caboose RVB
Seems pretty easy to me
Desret Fox
arnt they the same bitches that were crying like whores during the Iraqi war? LOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooOL
Summer Capo
And don’t be saying anything if you haven’t went through it or experienced boot camp because they work their buts off for you
Summer Capo
Sorry to let all you people know but the marine corps has the hardest boot camp training in the US not other branch is that hard
Eyad Tawfeek
Thats nothing .
I would gladly join the military. Any day.
Victoria Green
Who else realized that half of it was a video game
Victoria Green
I do the ropes in gymnastics
Victoria Green
Is it wired that this is not had I do it for sports dance and when we go in our Creek sports:football, field hockey,softball,soccer

Don't hate on all the sports including FOOTBALL
If you think this is the toughest, just watch the French Foreign Legion.
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ncig yos hav zoov lom zem World's Toughest Military Training 1 day ago   20:28

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