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STRANGER DANGER - CHILD SAFETY / Educational videos for children

Life is very precious and safety comes first in each and every condition. To help kids learn various safety measures and what to do when you are alone at home that's why we bring this Child safety stranger danger game. Oh!! Eva is alone at home and look at that a stranger is there at the door. He is offering her various chocolates, presents and many other things! Help her to decide what to do in this kind of situation and try to remember what her mom has said earlier. And then learn various self-defense techniques with some amazing graphics and designs. Oh!! Two guys are bullying Eva & Alax and here, you will learn what to do if someone tries to bully you. After then, you will get to learn where to walk on the road by playing an interesting game. You will also get to learn what steps should be taken if someone tries to kidnap you.

- Learn to cross the road
- Know what to do if someone bullies you
- What steps should be taken if a stranger comes when you are alone
- Learn various self-defense techniques


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Mother May I? Game / That YouTub3 STRANGER DANGER - CHILD SAFETY 3 months ago   16:55

We play Mother May I where one player is the mother and the other players is trying to be the first to reach the mother. The players ask the mother "Mother, May I..." filling in the blank thinking of the most creative way to get closer to the player that is the mother.

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