NASA SILENT On Artificial Object I Can't Explain What Just 1 day ago   11:15

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Martha Carrigan
Thank you Tyler
There's gotta be more intelligent life out there
John Grean
There scouts , drones for the coming invasion ...I Hope lol .
Domineek Price
Tourists... All of the aliens want to come watch the best live-action reality show in the universe: Humanity.
Suzanne Byars
WATCH "Leaked Clip of ALIEN Satellite Being Shot Down!" Tyler & To get what is being said to be current information about the ancient Black Knight Alien Satellite. They are claiming that after possibly 13,000 years now of being in orbit around the Earth? That 2 fighter planes or fighter stealth jets were sent up THERE to shoot down & to destroy the Satellite after all this time. & I wonder like a lot of people why now? & Why SUDDENLY was there an urgent need to get rid of this ALIEN Satellite that has been orbiting Earth & monitoring human life on Earth for at least 13,000 years now? WHY did THIS HAPPEN? & WHY or Who sent fighter jets to shoot this satellite down? & WHY??? And as for the strange path of the Voyager or rocketship? Why does it travel so close to Earth? Then it keeps going & then turns AROUND? & How can spaceships or objects make any turns or turn completely around if it is unmanned or not being directly controlled in any ways or even remotely controlled? Which I have never heard of any reason that a spaceship or a rocketship would ever need be remote controlled & only satellites can often be remotely controlled in lesser degrees & their orbits which are usually stationary orbits after projectile to the orbit sites. And I'll be back soon if i think of anything else else to add to this discussion. I'm very interested inyrgued by it as well. That's a very strange path for an unmanned uncontrolled ship or craft or flying object to ever make! & It makes no scientific sense unless there is intelligent life on the Spacecraft. And maybe I missed it or missed something said in the video about it but otherwise it does seem strange & unusual behavior for a spacecraft not being controlled by any PILOTS to me as well. In fact, it's displaying impossible turns and that is totally impossible behavior if this info is correct & if there is no one on that spaceCraft.
Vincent Ciccone
Imagine growing bacteria and seeing how it evolves/reacts to outside stimuly, that's what we do here on Earth. We watch everything and everyone now.
Vincent Ciccone
Trajectory makes sense if you think about it
Emperor Palpatine
Grab your popcorn, people, cause cybertron is coming😎😎
gi joe
I'm waiting and hoping they will start a large scale invasion
turing mendoza
I say it's HAARP
Tangie Osborne
Jesus is God and God is coming. Please get your Bible and read the book of Matthew and Revelation. That's now.
WTF how bizarre
um...i wouldn't trust Uncle Sam with my step daughter. Let alone to tell truth about aliens.
WTF how bizarre
Could it be Zuma? No it's been tracked for 50 years.
Self Replicating Probe? Cool.
Joseph Cloud
Those are cloaked ships you know it
Sankaravelayudhan Nandakumar Nandakumar
Huge Structure may be projected into our solar system is the possibility of fire and earthy waves get energy amplified as water and air waves amplified in form of Storm if call it Nyquist amplification
call it gravitons get amplified and such lumps will be floating into space of Aries Taurus junctures between Leo and Virgo junctures and again between Sagittarius junctures but here these graviton domains collapsed into eject powerful two twister streams perhaps the more energetic one as they streak and may condense.These Aquarius streams possibly may indicate separated monopole separate from dipoles in a strange way.
Another evolution of evolution theory suggests that strange precious materials collected may form intelligent microchips analogy forming as if self intelligentsia might have been developed among them call it an Alexa type intelligentsia
Most important one is the collection of dieutrium oxide say Heavy water collected if suppose mixed with Lithium may project fast streaks of photon force that may be ejected into ours.Just like super conductive sprout if you observe inside any flower is having a systematised frequency selective as observed in many plants and the number of flower petals indicating as a result of Superconductive sprouts.
While ESP neurons are able to find out the past present and future you may call s time travel dynamics you are forced believe a Tachyon wormhole generation also.But we must also be prepared to face Mira Rowdy shapeless creatures as acknowledged by late Mira of Arvind Ashram Pondicherry who commanded certain storm initiating creatures boarded over. her ship.
John Soltis
where is part two?
Cyrus Harbin
Can anyone tell that Alien face,s on the clouded UFO
R Dm
m beginization
It might be collecting black knight data
Chris Wiggins
We are to slow for the aliens especially if they created us think about it thats why they left us here an they stay billion an trillion of miles away👑
Strijder Den Haag
2 years later nothing happened.
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I Can't Explain What Just NASA SILENT On Artificial Object 1 day ago   11:13

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