How Einstein Discovered Famous Equation The Most Beautiful Thing (Short 3 months ago   1:49:56

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Firat Hira
Physics is not only beautiful but the language of the universe that is so underappreciated!
raphael feliz
Ashish Salavi
Any one can upload this in hindi
தமிழன் எழுச்சி
Faraday- energy
lavoiser- mass
Maxwell— speed of light
Emily— square ^2
Einstein- e=mc2
Lise meitner- splits
Cause E=mc² idk
Daz X1
E=mc2 channel 4 documentary drama ia way better and emotional
Cheila the cat
This is not a DOCUMENTARY this is a LOVE & science movie!
i see the bumdar is timeless
Einstein was a big asshole! He was quite a superuneducated man. The speed of light is never constant. Even a 2nd grade student is aware of it. Hence, his equation is incomplete until a new constant is introduced in the equation.
isaac milanda
Physics is so beautiful.
ı can just find 240 p ı need turkish FUCKKKK
Michael Hooper
Antoine Lavoisier's wife was 13 years old
I Think that I'm in love with Lisl Meitner.
Mark Gietzen
An outstanding documentary... very good!
Mohamed Ibrahim
Dear youtube commercials, FUCK YOU...
Marcel Ziems
beautiful doku
Juan Calvo
35:01 a precursor of the youtube comment section
EShoguma Minazuki
hold on , this is news !! i thought einstein dont make love to awoman , hahaha
mysterious light
great to know about that
Vinoth B
can i get subtitles plz
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The Most Beautiful Thing (Short How Einstein Discovered Famous Equation 3 months ago   10:44

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