Why AMERICA fear of CHINA - FULL Siberia : from hell to life 2 days ago   52:42

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The Chinese Economy has been growing very rapidly over the past few decades and can only sustain so much more population and economic growth. The incredible way in which the Chinese economy came to be did not come free, however. The people of China are plagued with a horrendous amount of toxins and smog from their active factories. Daily, in cities like Beijing, the weather reports include smog warnings, and depending on the day, citizens may need to wear gas masks to avoid carcinogens and toxins from the air. The upper class and the privileged in China have air filters, but the poor and middle class who can't afford them are the ones who suffer. So, unless the Chinese government fixes this problem quickly, the people of China will revolt because of the pollution or their lack of civil liberties, whichever comes first. The proletariat, those who are affected by the pollution, are a dangerous group, especially in a communist nation. China cannot sustain this growth for too much longer unless things are changed.

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Well, it's not because of grammar..
Dear Americans

Chinese are not your enemy. Never has been and never will

You are your greatest enemy, specifically your arrogance. When the Chinese did something great, you shout cheat, you shout copy. When you were warned that Japanese will bomb America, you say it cannot be true because Japanese has slit eyes and would not be able to fly the plane. And there goes your Pearl Harbor.

Right now AI and Robotic revolution is happening so fast in your country. Pretty soon millions upon millions of Americans will lose their jobs.


Poverty is also becoming to be very serious in America.

https://tomfromhr.com/videow/nOIxyNCWKBU This is heart felt Must See.
https://tomfromhr.com/videow/04P3Ht0hT_Y what is happening to you America
https://tomfromhr.com/videow/iyPVPT6CJuw&j=70i Poverty rate in America
https://tomfromhr.com/videow/YTdAqL71J4C Life expectancy of White women
https://tomfromhr.com/videow/YDTi43uGHZQ White man - fear of falling behind

So what is the future for FUTURE AMERICANS? Fix your problem and don't blame anybody.
could you have any more adds?
james dickson
What’s real and what’s bullshit, are we heading towards Armageddon humans learn nothing from the past ,its power power power and distruction ,another species will take over the planet after we wipe ourself out
Randem Pearson
The US electronic spy plane landed on Sanya airport, which is a civil airport, eventually. And according to insiders' rumors, Wang Wei still lives a covert life in some military base after deliberately damaging the US spy plane, for some important information or the airplane itself. I think the whole world knows this or just pretends to act otherwise (and naturally).
Fantastic Fox
The real war is a war against humanity. Our governments are the threat, and they will force draft us to fight in their wars.
Milorad Menjic
You have 15 adds on this video that is why America fear of China and yes you could use few classes of English 😂😂
Huyen Huynh
the only thing americans fear is having to kill millions of chinese for no reason. nothing can touch US miltRY.
Whipsters Idle
29:30 Analyzing american tech. Isn't that what China has always done? Take other country's tech?
Tuan Pham
It's easy way to kill China without war,if all the peoples in U.S stop buying China produce.
Tuan Pham
Just look at most of the stuff made in China n imagine they made the weapons.
Tuan Pham
none of the country in this world can fuck wit the U.S.
Mike Morgan
We dont fear China, we respect Hong-Kong. They are the ones who have made all the positive changes in China.
Gravel Cruncher of Europa
All we have to do is stop importing Chinese products and shipping food to China and we will see what happens.
DannyK420711 Kaprelian
No fear but we do need to fix our Achilles heal !
We depend to much on are electronics satellites Ect. We the people are a lot more prepared than a lot may think!
Any foreign or domestic threat will be met with a greater force !
You will not be able to stop our survivalist militias!
But we all prefer peace !!
Not war no one ever wins in war & only the dead no the end of war!
In my life I have not known a single year of peace we have been at war far to long a time for the nations of the world to come together is now!
Marty G
Patricia Scipio
When the bullets starts to fly ... some chinese will run, why did i say that ? when was the last time they been in a real war ....the USA have been fighting and standing in the face of war .... almost 20 years now ...........the chinese cannot be trusted ... !!!
China has hacked the Pacific fleet
Lance Everett
Think of this the last us super aircraft was developed in the 70s B2 what has been developed since then that is still secret?
Herb Newman
I would like the kung pao chicken please
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Siberia : from hell to life Why AMERICA fear of CHINA - FULL 2 days ago   1:01:12

In Siberia they call it the « highway of life »… and also the « highway of hell ». This is the M56, a 1200 km road route that crosses this region in the far Eastern part of the Russian Federation.
The M56 is an indispensable link for the people of the North of Siberia. Summer and winter long, thousands of trucks and hundreds of cars take this road to ensure supplies of food, drink and materials.
But this road to the other end of the world is also a real nightmare. First, because of its history: it was built between 1925 and 1964 by prisoners, "enemies of Communism" sent to the gulags, who never returned.
And today is still strikes fear. Driving conditions are particularly harsh. Here there’s no tarmac covering the surface, only thousands of rocks, far too big to drive on. There’s no car tyre that can resist them!
Dust, mud, vibrations, blizzards that can “overturn a truck” : when you take this road, you suffer! We accompany 3 truck drivers, among them, Igor, 42. He has three days ahead of him before he reaches Yakutsk, one of the most remote cities in Russia. He has to delivery his load of beer at all costs! Aboard his truck we discover the M56 : the highway of torture!

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