Batman Vs Superman Dawn Of Justice HOT WHEELS RACE OFF ALL LAPS THREE 2 days ago   07:51

CKN Toys
Hi guys,its Batman Vs Superman Dawn of Justice toys opening fun time .We have Ckn as Batman who is walking along the Park when he suddenly found a super giant surprise egg.His phone suddenly rang and it was Catwoman asking for help.Then the evil Superman comes along and destroy the surprise egg with his laser eyes.
What will happen next and will Batman get to open the giant surprise egg?
Toys in this egg includes Imaginext Transforming Batbot,Batman voice changer helmet,Epic strike Batmobile,Grapnel blast Batman,Boomco Kryptonite Strike Blaster,Rock'em Sock'em Batman v Superman robots,Electro-Armor Batman,Imaginext Transforming Batmobile and Lego Dc Comics super heroes Batman.
We had so much fun opening and playing with these toys if you enjoy this video please don't forget to subscribe.
Surprise Eggs in other Languages - huevos sorpresa, яйця з сюрпризом, överraskning ägg, сюрприз яйца, ovos surpresa, Überraschung Eier, œufs surprise, siurprizas kiaušiniai
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HOT WHEELS RACE OFF ALL LAPS THREE Batman Vs Superman Dawn Of Justice 2 days ago   09:16

Hot Wheels: Race Off is a racing game where you drive the legendary Hot Wheels toy cars around spectacular racetracks full of jumps and loops. In all there are more than 40 tracks inspired by the original playsets.

The controls in Hot Wheels: Race Off are simple. In the right part of the screen you have the gas pedal and on the left your brake. That's it. Using both pedals while you're in the air lets you keep your car flying straight.

During the races you can collect coins, which can buy new vehicles or upgrades to the ones you already have. The game has more than 30 different vehicles for you to customize.

Hot Wheels: Race Off is a simple but fun racing game with spectacular graphics, tons of tracks, and lots of different vehicles. A great game that Hot Wheels fans are sure to love.
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