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In class today Chillz learned fun facts about Polar bears for kids. He so excited he has to tell Mr. Rose about how the educational video they watched had so many fun facts. This cartoon is fun for students and great as a way to start Christmas and winter break with learning.

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Little Miss Toyland
Great video:)
Playtime With Londyn
great educational facts on polar bears! Your channel is amazing!!
Mike BiH
Fun Toys Crafts
We learned new facts about polar bears. Very cool.
New Baby Games
★★ Cute video
Funny Clowns TV
Awesome video. I like your channel. Well done.
Kids TV Active - Funny Kids Videos For Kids
Fantastic and very well made. We subscribed. Hope you can come visit our channel too sometime!
Kaladan Production
We learned a lot about polar bear. Thanks for creating very educational and interesting video.
Playtime With Londyn
another extremely awesome video my friend! Big thumbs up! hope you stop by to check out my new video https://tomfromhr.com/videow/zAFMGd0cuh8
Susy's Collection
Happy is she who is in love with an old dotard. I subbed, please sub back http://rebrand.ly/sub
Play Doh Kids Channel
Perfect video and Excellent channel Let´s be friend :)
Boys VS Girls
You have very cool channel! Liked and subbed! Would you like to sub back, please?! ))
KF channel
Excellent video - like - I wish you a nice weekend
Color Smiles Coloring and Learning
Very educational! Great job! 👍😊❤
Coloring Pages Kids Tv
Lovely video to watch ;-) well done
Miniature Cooking with Ching
Great amazing channel . Highly recommended for kids. This is very entertaining not only for my kids but for the
whole family as well. . More blessings to you my friend.
Funky Chipmunky
Great video :-) Pleasure to watch :-)
みぃちゃんねる MiiChannel
We loved it and you got a thumbs up from us.
lovely kid JAPAN
Great education channel👍subbed🍀👍
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Invertebrates | The Dr. Binocs Show | Learn Learn about Polar Bears, 3 months ago   03:11

Earthworms, Jellyfish, Snail, Octopus, Cockroach and Spider! What's that one common thing about them? Well, they all don't have a backbone! And that's why they are called Invertebrates.

Tune into this video as Dr. Binocs takes you through the world of Invertebrates, which is an important part of the Animal kingdom. The detail video break up is given below.

00:48 - What are Invertebrates?
00:54 - Group of Invertebrates
01:09 - Worms
01:23 - Sea Jellies
01:40 - Mollusks
01:54 - Anthropods
02:13 - Sponges

Voice Over Artist - Joseph D'Souza, Sreejoni Nag
Script Writer & Director - Sreejoni Nag
Visual Artist - Aashka Shah
Illustrators - Aashka Shah
Animators - Digambar Bhadre, Aashka Shah, Chandrashekhar Aher
VFX Artist - Kushal Bhujbal
Background Score - Jay Rajesh Arya
Sound Engineer - Mayur Bakshi
Creative Head - Sreejoni Nag
Producer: Rajjat A. Barjatya
Copyrights and Publishing: Rajshri Entertainment Private Limited
All rights reserved.

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