Anonymous Documentary - How Anonymous Hackers Interrogation tapes now show...Nick WAS a victim 3 months ago   58:15

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Anonymous Documentary - How Anonymous Hackers Changed the World Full Documentary
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We are Anonymous,
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

How Anonymous Hackers Changed the World

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Kevin Stanton
an x-box is not a computer
Monica Barnes
I love you anonymous just for the fun
Citizen Puppet
Anonymous rebels against the lack of truth. Anonymous is legion. Anonymous fights for the right of complete access to information. Anonymous fights for freerom.
Sofia George
i wan to fuck someone from anonymous
erika g
That banana man do you want to this world will be changing this world will be ending from God God will make you sweat the NDA and we don’t want this again take anonymous away taken to jail everybody has to do do you don’t answer I’m not a make or not fun trust me they say what they say that did you use nothing but they had your YouTube and they had your house and you be happy forever and never take it off of that
Noize Disturbance
"Trolling is an art" Fuck off you cunt, you cant even afford a proper mask, mad respect to the others in the video but that hillbilly has not done you any favors, he is no better than the neo nazi's, proper childish idiot
We bare bears man
All 1.6k of the dislikes are the CIA and FBI
Jessie Ann
Hey.. anonymous? While.. your correcting wrongs.. please take care of trump before we get fucked into poverty... just take a break from internet policing so we so we can address this issue.. thanks👍👍🗣🗣please🙏🙏 tired of being the helpless bug under government rule(the hypocrite parent)🤯🤯
Bizzy Bee
Ethics..... I like it 🙌
Jeanmarie Tuggle
I agree with you!
Jeanmarie Tuggle
Glad to meet y’all!
The internet salutes you Anonymous.
Hazel De
These memes are dead now
Remix Area
Hi anonymous
carminda brendel
Nicole Freeman
I enjoy the information you put out. I have questions. The blackouts that happened one of them was in Steuben county well I live in the next county over and a few nights ago I heard this weird low frequency humming then the next night my husband heard jets in the middle of the night. I want to know if there’s a connection. There is a military base about halfway up Seneca lake part of it is on an island in the middle of the lake and there’s another part of it directly across from it on land. They say they used it to store missiles back in the day and also used to test sonar equipment for subs. It’s supposed to be out of service but I have a hard time believing that. Maybe I’m just crazy.
Janine Garverick
Hey their using Computers and Internet Against The Public So it’s now being used on you !
Janine Garverick
Crime by Leaders is Unacceptable! And it’s gotten far out of control ! America wants its freedom! We will not accept Fascism! We will not accept Communism! We will not accept Socialism or any Ism ! We are sick and tired of your Fing ISMS !
Janine Garverick
Stop Killing The Innocent because you no what you did ! Anonymous will Find you !
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Interrogation tapes now show...Nick WAS a victim Anonymous Documentary - How Anonymous Hackers 3 months ago   38:01

This is a must watch if you will settle for NOTHING LESS than TRUTH.

I make NOT ONE PENNY from YouTube ads. So, to those who feel moved to help support this work to keep it coming...Hallelujah!

Just put this in your address bar:

or old school:
Dana A
PO Box 3324
Blue Jay, CA 92317

See overview of video topics w/ time stamps incl. in desc. box. Ni^ck Cr^uz heard v0ices urging him to ki^ll. Whose v0ices were they? How can we all know the difference between synthetic telepathy (that pretends to be god) and the V0ice of our Father?

1:00 Is calling Ho^ax Fake news?
2:30 Fr^ee sp^eech – Are you there?
4:20 Nick Cruz…we assume he was involved?
6:00-8 Sho^otings; Local news used to try to do the right thing…National news, no so much.
9:20 V0ices in cranium – The tech^nology behind it
Mili^tary application of V0ices In the Head
10:35 Micro^wave Au^dio: How Does it work?
11:30 List of Patents in Mi^nd Con^Trol
11:50 V0ice of g^o^d wea-pon scientist speaks out
13:30 CEO admits mil^itary is “buying them as fast
as we can make them”
13:45 “The future of wa^rfare”
14:20 Have other sho^oters heard v0ices?
15:00 RFB Rich^ie From Boston as a T^I^?
16:00 Ar^my displays Non-Le^thal Wea^pons
17:12 D^N^A specific bio-resonance for sat^tellite tar^getting
19:00 Obama’s Presidential committee of Bio^Ethics – presenter Dr. John Hall
20:00 What kind of things do the v0ices say?
21:45 False Schizo^phrenia dia^gnosis and T^I^s
22:30 Look inside at someone who is Hearing v0ices…schizo or tar^get? Based on several of her other videos, I believe she is suffering from psych^otron^ic wea^ponry including E^E^G & V^2^K (voices in skull) which, seen here, shows them urging her to ki^ll her own mother.
25:00 Ex employee involved in tar^getting who had program turned on himself
24:00 Psy^cho^logical War^fare, breaking a person by removing and/or destroying their core needs.
26:40 Deeper look into the potential vicims that turned into sho^ot^ers
31:25 Quick list Several V^2^K who went rogue
35:50 Pra^yer is the answer.

Love you Family!

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