Alien Attack From Space Underwater Universe Full HD 1080p, 1 day ago   44:21

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Loveless Girl
Nothing that comes from History channel is good, considering who owns the media and how they're programming people to accept these fallen angels/demons as something else.
Buddi Poudel
Hmmm..........aliens are only two years later this month in!!!!this can be an misstated frustration!!!In 2010 the dress was made in Australian socras!!!So means that this colluded only go to the planet of Mars!the east area of Mars is alien doom!
Konstantin Klimenko
This UFO abduction shit might work in 60's, but now, when every fucking road, corner of a building and your car is equipped with cameras, where the hell ANY evidence of such a fact?
Why don't people think they are genetically modified humans made by the secret government or some secret society or something?
Sean Matz
This guy bill is certainly not biased , its ridiculous how this show doesn't leave room for skepticism
Wwooooooooowwwww amazing
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Underwater Universe Full HD 1080p, Alien Attack From Space 1 day ago   1:30:44

Throughout history, tidal waves have drowned us, storm surges have sunk cities, and hurricanes and cyclones fueled by the ocean have caused terrible havoc. Underwater Universe tracks the history and evolution of the ocean's seven deadliest zones locations that throughout history have been the direct causes of human devastation by floods, tsunamis, hurricanes, whirlpools, ice, underwater volcanoes, and shipping graveyards.

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