This is How Asteroid Might Hit Earth Meteor Strike Fireball From 1 day ago   47:01

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Joseph Smith
I had a dream in Jan 1999 In the Dream I was in a house at the front door when I opened the door and walked out. Everything around me was very clear and I took in everything walking down the walkway tot eh driveway to the sidewalk looking at the houses and then to the sky I see a BIG HUGE Blue FIREBALL streaking across the sky and over Mountains at that point people we coming out of their homes and I could hear people screaming as I turned around and started to run as fast as I could. I could feel my body getting picked up and thrown into the air as I woke up. In March may I moved to Alberta Place Littlerock CA 93543 I moved in at night but when I woke up and went outside I WAS IN TOTAL SHOCK because this was the very same place I remember in my dream but I had never been here till I moved. Everything was from my dream houses and trees and that mountain it flew over.
A Lol
we don't need to die because jesus will save and if we die we go to heaven
A Lol
we need to get close to astroid so the future coming so jesus know if the astroid strike the earth
Blacklist gaming 10
i will help them ou its ben my dream to go in space i will like to see that stuff when i grow up!!
I hope this happens soon.
Masashi Ng
There will be no more mass extinction in the future.
Just Another Arrogant Internet User
We need a few nukes and someone who has a great aim.
Cloud and axe
8Mo 02
apperantly, astroids dont think about children,STUPID APOCLIPSE
Joseph In The Opera
You know there was an asteroid due to wipe us out but God wanted us to buy the season pass. Alien invasion was a pre-order bonus. Luckily they released the Donald Trump Expansion to keep us busy.
Charina Dayap
that is not true
Jaden Parks
Cringe Lord
what about that time we died in 2012?
Webkinzlover97 summerlyn
They should do a Documentary on if the sun went out of orbit
Webkinzlover97 summerlyn
Great a big rock is gonna destroy Earth
jesse james
Is it me or dose this guy sound like siri
Grenge g
scare little kids why dont ya
999,999 Ali-a
Plan note to be pankin for bro
999,999 Ali-a
Nasa is working a secret plqn
Geometry Dash X3zR
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Meteor Strike Fireball From This is How Asteroid Might Hit Earth 1 day ago   47:20

In February 2013 a meteorite bigger than a double decker bus, travelling at 40,000 miles an hour, crashed into planet Earth. This film shows previously unseen footage of what happened.Astrophysicists explain exactly what it was and reveal how likely it is to happen again.

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