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Take a tour of the Zoo with Blippi and learn zoo animals. This video for toddlers and children, Blippi will guide you behind the scenes at the zoo. This fun Blippi zoo animals for toddlers video will show what it’s like being a zookeeper and veterinarian and what its like working at a zoo. Blippi will help you learn about animals at the zoo. Thanks for watching the Blippi Zoo tour video. Please subscribe to Blippi at

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Wild Zoo Animals for Kids, Learn Blippi at the Zoo | Learn Animals for Children 1 day ago   14:52

Hello I'm Kiwan!
Have you guys been to the Zoo?
What's your favorite animal from the Zoo?
Today let's draw 5 Zoo animals and feed them what they like!

Hello I'm Zebra! I like grass!
Hello I'm Panda! I like bamboo!
Hello I'm Elephant! I like fruits!
Hello I'm Giraffe! I like acacia leaves!
Hello I'm Lion! I like meat!

Hello we are animals at the Zoo!

Tell me what your favorite animals was in the comments!
Thanks for watching! Please Like & Subscribe!

#wildanimals #zooanimals #animalsforkids

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