Military Weapons China Copied HOW ISRAEL SHOT DOWN 5 RUSSIAN 1 day ago   15:54

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mo tarzan
American's stop drinking Arabic coffee. Morons.
vemar julom
cheater are all idiot..
alfredo Hinojosa
China copy everything from USA except immigration they don't accept any immigrants in they're territory
California USA
USA should have let the japanese finish the job they started ,ungrateful chinese
Joe SC
China finally figured out that they would get nowhere copying Russian designs. That's what always kept them 30 years behind.
Joe SC
I wish China would only copy Russian so they would always be 30 years behind. The US has tighten up security on its military computers. No more stealing.
ThomasDong Tv
It actually a smart idea to copy u know that
Chooky Robert
The US has to careful if the war against China. If China can copy means that the US is weak, venerable strategic for China, China had already gone deep inside penetration of all WarFare system. However, US is not able to do it, only spy in open space.
Paquito Ignacio
The u.s.government should have pass a law prohibiting any Chinese National from getting employed in any industry as they couldn’t be
trusted, more likely they will steal any technology and use for their own benefit, China does could not produced any product not
stolen from countries they enter, they are the worst enemies of the world.
Arturo Salgado
It's cause China doesn't know how to do anything good. China is a retarted population. I do like China but I don't like when they copie each other. Why can't they do there own not ours.
howard thorpe
America is fucked with no vasiline
FastDucky Gaming
I’m from china.
XDigsX 13
The US was so stupid for leaving any traces of that Blackhawk in pakistan,it was the biggest mistake.
Now China has the tech and knows what they're up against if they ever come face to face with it.
Randem Pearson
Elaine theRainbow
Title: Military Weapons China Copied From the United States
So true! commie china even admit it themselves, here:
Title: U.S and U.K can not be detected China's new stealth fighter
Quote from Commie china state owned prapaganda "MILITARY NEWS UPDATE Channel" in Youtube of USA, "China has created new super material’could make warplanes impossible to see’. China has built an assembly line to mass produce cutting-edge ‘super materials’ that can perform the previously impossible."
Common: 1--lol, so now commie prapagandize commie FROM using all their commie hiv-spyWhoremrades prostituting for STEALING All Kinds of Western highly classified high tech. information TO directly STEALING Western, USA's "super materials" to build commie WarPlanes that are impossible to see. We Americans know commie china STEAL the "new super materical" from US' A-51 because only the Greatest Nation USA-51 has it [know this from US social media channels a while ago, didn't pay much attention, thought was fake news.] 2--now commie boasting themselves with their so called super military power, just to threaten Western World since commie never respect South Sea International Law nor control commie military spending$. 3--commie come/invade into Western social media and US youtube channel to flex commieStealers'/thugs' mussels, that's "Silent Invasion"! History states, where's commie thugs, where's unnecessary war! 4--commie for decades hide under US sewer here and there to illegally carry out commie criminal prapaganda very sneakily, besides of slandering me, real patroitic Americans, and my greatest nation in the world, commie sneakly terrorists mostly call out for war, south sea war, pacific ocean war, delusionally call for destroy America National Security,US Government Computer System, and so on and on. 5--based on Commiethugs' shit-behavior, Western World should put commie china under watch; since commie china is the 2nd biggest military spend country in the world, U.N. should send inspectors into to commie china to inspect their military programs for the sake of World Peace. 6--BAN commie terrorist propaganda in Western social media, especially in US social media, such as U.S. youtube. Or, #OpiumWarCommieshit to #MAGA!
i guess every body hates china
Ricky Hsu
Holy crap. What...?
Who copied who...?
Once upon a time, China invented gun powder.
Today, China is reinventing gun powder.
Soon or later , Uncle Sam is about to feel the BANG..
pho tai
Dam Chinese always copy n paste
Spies like the russian
Sim W
Military Weapons China Copied From China, Not from USA...
conmigo carolina del norte
China steals everything! They are only good at something when they can secretly copied it! When they make something worthwhile we can copy it for free; just like they do.
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HOW ISRAEL SHOT DOWN 5 RUSSIAN Military Weapons China Copied 1 day ago   06:14

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On July 30, 1970, five Soviet MiG-21 fighters were blown out of the sky by the Israeli Air Force. And all in three minutes.

By: Michael Peck

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Accomplishing missions assigned by the President, Secretary of Defense and combatant commanders, and Transforming for the future.

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