America Future Military Secrets Top 5 Future Weapons That Will 2 days ago   43:24

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if they feel so strongly about people not dying to make war . why even make war??
Mael Sef
Like the 600,000-winged being that comes down when the time is right, at that moment, they shall come to know all that they were designing was in vain.
Mike Watene
I have always been a weapons Tech follower, despite I not liking war, The west has had ample time since the end of the cold war to R&D and produce all there new weapon systems and Tech. I would be bloody shocked if the USA has not got existing active counter measures against Russia and Chinas new weapons systems recently declared. Our Iron Man battle field suits and drones with black space sats and invisibility Tech can render all mentioned battle systems invisible including Drones covered with invisibility materials since it is a slow flying aircraft would be practical for lower altitude missions invisible tow observers on the ground. Our Micro and Nano Tech for small battle insect drones is also important being that a mass deployment of such machines could in theory wipe out and or at least keep them busy trying to avoid the Micro machines proceeding a advancing Iron man force close behind. I am a supporter of laser and particle beam including Magnetic and microwave beams as this will be one of our strongest counter measure dominance in the future if not already, super sonic - Zigzag  intelligent missiles will not have a chance. The true question with these weapons is to R&D new power generators to generate and deliver enough power to support larger and or stronger beams on ships and on land but small enough not to be so visible from the air or need large rooms to contain them. This is where fringe science in free energy Tech comes into play, I have been studying new forms of power generator designs for seven years and all relative sub fringe sciences and put them all together to create my own version of power generator. My Proof of concept prototypes will take me more time to build as I am a poor man so I had to learn many other skills to DIY my self. Including mission to building my own smelter and making my own castings to poor my components. we all know that a solid state generator can only turn a limited number of revolutions before forces will explode the metals keeping the generator together, I have found a way to double the revolution limits and my design will have Zero friction meaning Zero wear and tear of mechanical parts and Zero torque meaning Zero magnetic clutching with three layers of electron generation the first two are for generating power for the machine load and the third to power the generator itself perpetually. Meaning a generator that can in theory run for thousands of years or for as long as the materials that the generator is constructed from will last. I wonder what the sceptics out there will think of this new upcoming Fringe science Tech. This tech can be used in satellites without the need for bulky solar power units allowing designers to add more robust armor to satellites. Imagine a man portable generator with a turbine speed dial that can be dialed up to run up to ten or more average houses. Note Micro generators of my design can be built for small machines such as Micro Insect and or drones.
V yoshen
Someone somewhere on the planet keep researching on something to kill. But remember this also to protect
Ergo Proxy
That "crab" machine in the thumbnail reminds of something from Ghost In The Shell.
Karac Cano
This comment is aids some Crazy russians and chinese talking about the end times.
ı fuck abd
cheryl bogue
why are we sharing military secrets. only civilians who be so crazy. someone get Colon Powell and Olive North and hurry.
Not sure why a Bioshock dev's opinion is required on this topic. Bioshock really had nothing to do with robotics, even the footage they showed of the game was barely relevant.
Wilbur Wafer
fuck america, nothing but a nation of terrorist scumbags
no this documentary didn't blow my mind, just hurt my eyes with it's shitty pixelated, backward graphics
tillwemeetagain WGACA
uav? unman aircraft vehicle sounds stupid to me. it should be rca remote control aircraft......
Commander Riker!
Key words.. "And when to kill".. lol
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Probably all ripped from the nazi Germany just like the Atomic bomb.
the health service will benefit from this- killing machine by killing the patient quicker
Real Deal
If only they would put the same amount of energy into loving humanity, being kind etc.... they wonder why there isn't any money, oh there is plenty.... evil thinking....
it is not a robot in bishock its like a mech with the human built in
Totally obsolete technology. This yankee media play regarding Youtube-adverted future weapons technologies are a fucking joke. You are working at/from/to the different dimension already, symbols, fields "out" of this world.
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Top 5 Future Weapons That Will America Future Military Secrets 2 days ago   04:00

These 5 aren't just weapons of the future but weapons of the near future.

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