6 Bizarre Gaming Conspiracies 6 Games We Can't Finish 1 day ago   09:28

Get your tinfoil hats ready, we dig deep through some of craziest gaming conspiracies so crazy you'll leave questioning your entire existence!

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Wenni Parikka
EA works for illuminati
Wenni Parikka
Princess looks underage and browser looks like a predator
Ryan Vincent
Damb right
Ryan Vincent
Ea is comunisim and brain washed mario
Toye 89
Ok so I know am late to this vid but was that Dave Jackson in the alien meme?? I ask because I know him from a completely different channel
Bugatti Cars: TheOriginalGamer
EA hasn't put out a good game since burnout paradise in (not the remastered one).
Giovanni 336
Someone make the ussr anthem in mario paint plz
learn how to mix your damn audio
Daan van Baarsen
Comrade Mario redicoulis He a neo-nazi
Goo The Guru
7:16 funny af....
It's-a me! Stalin!
Fuck me, that's gold.
: D
Luigi is the communist
Daan van Baarsen
Mario is defenetily a comrade
stephan knops
of course the world has problems , forget about starving poeple in afrika or possible terrorist atacks . no its videogames conspiricies if we have to believe that , then acording to mortal combat we wil have shau khan take over the world and he wil do that by playing a fighting tourny . and aliens from other planets wil invade after the nukes fall (in fallout 3 ) and that is al predicted in videogames , and of course we wil start liking this because we played a few videogames .
Nicolas Brouwer
the problem with fps games and rl.... in fps games you can get hit multiple times, regenirate mid battle and fight for hours straight while in real life you can die because of 2 or even 1 well placed bullets, unless the army creates a super suit for soldiers..... then gamers would become the next soldiers
Nightwing 22
Alex Jones is a disgrace.
Are EA evil?
Is the sun hot?
Mario? A utopia?
Excuse me, any world ruled by a fire breathing monster and overrun by giant man-eating plants and hammer throwing turtles is
a utopia in my books
k sd
Real false flag alien invasion comming near to you very soon
Genadij Smradztoiek
It'sa me, Marxio!
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6 Games We Can't Finish 6 Bizarre Gaming Conspiracies 1 day ago   11:26

From being too glitchy to complete, to simply being too boring to bother, here are 6 games that we didn't complete, nor did we really care to!

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