Why INDIA FEARS OF CHINA - Educational TK10 Tournament : Pu Dongdong (China) 2 days ago   21:27

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The Chinese Economy has been growing very rapidly over the past few decades and can only sustain so much more population and economic growth. The incredible way in which the Chinese economy came to be did not come free, however. The people of China are plagued with a horrendous amount of toxins and smog from their active factories. Daily, in cities like Beijing, the weather reports include smog warnings, and depending on the day, citizens may need to wear gas masks to avoid carcinogens and toxins from the air. The upper class and the privileged in China have air filters, but the poor and middle class who can't afford them are the ones who suffer. So, unless the Chinese government fixes this problem quickly, the people of China will revolt because of the pollution or their lack of civil liberties, whichever comes first. The proletariat, those who are affected by the pollution, are a dangerous group, especially in a communist nation. China cannot sustain this growth for too much longer unless things are changed.

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Rabbi Schlomo Shekelstein
Sees video, looks at other video uploaded by this channel, named "Educational Videos". Names of other videos are multiple,"Why X Country should fear China", "China's Nuclear Submarines Could Threaten US, India Trade", "This Russian Weapon Can Destroy an Entire Army", etc., etc..
Non-Bias enough. Definitely not Chinese Propaganda. Seems Legit.
Seemant Chauhan
Chinese air-force do not possess Strategic Bomber ''Tupolev Tu-160'' and Stealth ''Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor'' as shown. Those clips are taken from Russian, American videos you idiot !
Pigmoon K
Nonsense video. The Indians are the ones in poverty. The country needs to rid itself of corruption. Lol what a clickbait.
Last Trumpet
please dont count my hit. just wanted to say more proper goose
Binny .manhas
Chinese all weapons are copied from america, but they r not capable like americans..
"Documentary "
Wycliffe Murunga
most powerfull
The Concerned Animal
All figures given out in this video is incorrect! If you don't believe check wiki and other sources for further verification. *THIS VIDEO IS MISGUIDING*
Ivan Olan hernandez
I hate dumb asses that come with titles that aren't close to the vids. Where in the FK here says anything about India fearing China. Hell, we can put any title to this crap. Now, for all you dumb asses that believe that the power nations won't go nuclear, well think again. The Bible tell us that the war will end because of divine intervention. God will stop people from destroying everything. We will soon go to war. It will be the worst ever. And God will stop it all at once. How? I don't know, but it will happen and there's nothing we can do about it. Stay faithful, is the only thing we got.......
abc abc
Thr question is who in china can not afford air filter even the most poor ones. China has GDP pet capita 10000$ nominal. World ranking 71. And important china does not have Kasten system of india.
anshul anand
war between two nations with such great nuclear power? no one will be alive to claim victory. The war may never take place. Both the countries are wise enough to know that it wont bring any good to any nation. And if was does happen then Russia and USA wont just sit and look. It will trigger another world war resulting in no man's land.
Video suck.
Alex Mozari
04:36 how is this not important or interesting .... how are YOU GUYS.. my peers //not shitting their pants??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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TK10 Tournament : Pu Dongdong (China) Why INDIA FEARS OF CHINA - Educational 2 days ago   13:23


Pu Dongdong (China) vs Shinji Shikatsu (Japan)

27 August 2016 | 18:20-21:00 (UTC+7)
Broadcasting live from Dujiangyan,
China on Mono 29

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