Five Little Babies Jumping Frozen Sing-a-Long Elsa Toy Commercial 2 days ago   01:55

Frozen Sing-a-Long Elsa Toy Commercial Five Little Babies Jumping 2 days ago   00:34

Two years ago Frozen premiered, creating a worldwide phenomenon that not only broke records – it shattered them like icicles! As a follow up to last year’s toy aisle phenomenon Snow Glow Elsa, this Fall JAKKS Pacific introduces a new Elsa doll with even more features and new technology. Sing-A-Long Elsa gives girls the ability to sing the full length Academy Award® winning song, “Let it Go,” as a duet with Elsa. The magical Elsa doll sings the full-length song thanks to a “trigger technology” in the accompanying microphone, which prompts Elsa to sing when girls hold the microphone to the doll’s mouth, and stop singing when the girls move the mic away. Sing-A-Long Elsa has three modes of play: girls can sing solo, listen to the Elsa doll sing the full song, or join Elsa for a duet. The Elsa doll wears a sparkly dress and necklace that light up. Elsa also says an additional 15+ phrases, and is available in both English and Spanish. Ages: 3+

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