Best Fighter Aircraft in the World ► WILD RIO (Full Documentary) 2 days ago   1:30:40

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Aiden Redman
I'm back in 1982 again
E. Neeb Briated.
What a fucking waste of technology.
WTH did you use to upload this shit man. and "etch-a-sketch"? the future of airpower. brought to us in 240p, yay....! 
BJM Graphics
Use the force Luke.
Eric Garcia
It's fuckin' uploaded in 2014 at 240p! C'mon man! Upgrade your shit bro or at least link the video you copied this from shit.
Baron Monkerson
So let me get this right....according to this, ALL you need to destroy ALL of the Russian airforce is one F22 (or a flight of 4 of them!) just need to re-fuel them and re arm them over and over again! fact, why not just use four F22s to destroy ALL the hostile air forces on the planet!......grin.......Where are the enemy AWACS?......Do the enemy have satellite systems?......or modern radars that can detect/track stealth aircraft?......and the B1R (which doesn't even exist) is another magic weapon!! elves fly these too?....with faster reflexes than humans, they'll be unstoppable!!.....shakes head........this is the most stunningly misleading bit of propaganda I've seen in years! Oorah!!! saw this to the end once before and can't put myself through it a second time......shamefully simplistic
Future planes wont have pilots.
Tina Dansaert
what about the XO-2 wyvern? And the ADF-01-FALKEN?
Sarah Valentine
wow 240p what a waste of a video this isn't 2004 anymore get with the times. not even watchable
Emran Caan
Nothing mentioned regarding fuel consumption rate during dog fight? Fuel is a critical point for dog fight and safe return.
Majid Khan
infinity arc
hmmmmmmmmm. ok. haha. nice. i guess rafael is a crappy plane, and the russian planes are worse.
Roy Kliffen
F-22; program scrapped, F-35 becoming way to expensive and disappointing in its performance. Still this show is entertaining enough
"hurr ba durr aliens"
Thanks merica for making millions of people look as stupid as they sound.
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► WILD RIO (Full Documentary) Best Fighter Aircraft in the World 2 days ago   50:04

Few people know that Rio is one of the greenest metropolises in the world. We follow the story of the carnival and see how the diversity of wildlife, inspires the eight million people of Rio.

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