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Paw Patrol meet Rusty Rivets – Educational Toy Learning Mission for Kids! In this toy learning video for kids, the Paw Patrol pups and Rusty Rivets kids team up to stop a crazy contraption on the loose in Adventure Bay! Rusty and Ruby are great at designing new inventions, but today, Rusty’s new and improved multitool causes mayhem when it turns their spare toys into a metropolitan menace. Adventure Bay is in trouble and the Paw Patrol need help, can Rusty and Ruby use their gadget-making skills to help stop the creature of their own creation? Let’s find out in this fun and educational toy video for kids!

*This video is a paid advertisement for Spin Master, makers of Paw Patrol & Rusty Rivets*

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Jacy Teo
So So So So So cool toys.
Madison d Magnificent gamer
make blaze pls
Fireman Sam Toys
Wow... soo Cool! PAW PATROL 😊 Great Job! Cu at Fireman Sam Toys 🚑 🚒 🚨
Jon loves Dandelion
sdfdf asfdas fdasfa sdfagasfdsfsf
정우랑 까불까불
Awesome toys😀😁😊👍👍👍
mega bus
Kidimation TV - Kids Coloring Pages
Nice video of paw petrol meet rusty riverts. It's effective for children.
Yenso Jorl Centaurus
VvcxaLllkLve"- #'1-21hvjgg
My Lovely Baby - Children Videos
I know a boy who will love this video...
Animals Kids TV - Kids Learn Fun
*so cool toys*
Duki Kids Toys
*awesome friend*
KIDS Joy - Toys For Kids
*wow super cool bro*
Wink Wink Toys
Woohoo! No job too big no pup too small! 😉👍🐶
Smart Babies
Good video. ...
Kids Baby Toddlers - Learning Videos for Children
🐩🐕🐶 DOGS!!! 🐶🐕🐩
Twins Living Life
I hit like :) Great job!
TJ Learn and Play TV
Really awesome toy review!! The Paw Patrol pups are always ready to save the day!! “Chase is on the FACE!!” now that was so funny 😂!! Great way to work together to help the Paw Patrol and awesome jet pack!! Your videos are so inspiring to small channels like myself!! Genevieve’s Playhouse rocks!!
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Welcome to the Toy Scientist Lab Paw Patrol meet Rusty Rivets 1 day ago   15:34

#ad  This video is sponsored by Mattel who helped us create it.

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