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Sam and Kai are great fans of you tube. One day they asked if they could have their own you tube channel. So here it is! We hope you enjoy watching all our fun adventures together as the children grow. The kids will let you know what they think about places and attractions we visit. The children also enjoy introducing you to some of their favourite books. But these videos are not just a reading or a book review they are something new and very entertaining with the story being their inspiration. We hope your children enjoy watching them as much as ours have enjoyed making them. They will also love to share their baking skills as part of their instructional videos. Please support them and subscribe to our channel and share our videos with anyone you think might enjoy them. We will always read your comments so if you have any ideas for videos you would like to see on our channel please feel free to send us your ideas. https://www.facebook.com/Kids-View-Tube-772593119594383


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