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I like mornings. Well, I like the idea of mornings. I like when I'm up early for some other reason. And by early I mean 5 or earlier. 5:30 isn't really early, or it doesn't feel like it, that's just a bit before my alarm goes off. I mean the time where you can step outside and there's a stillness in the air. When you see someone else out, there's an almost unconscious acknowledgment of "Yes, hello, isn't this lovely?" Like you're part of a club no one else has discovered.

I read something recently about how getting up early in the morning, giving you time before heading off to work, allows you to feel like work is just another part of your day, but doesn't define your day. I've been giving a lot of thought to how our jobs define us lately, and this idea of it, well, not defining me was appealing. Hence why my alarm went off at 5am today, CBC Radio 1 going on about how the Harper Government has basically fucked over scientists. I half listened as I debated getting out of bed or not.

In the end I did, about 15 minutes later. The cats were unprepared, and came down to greet me only about 5 minutes later, as if they were unprepared for me to be up early, too. Normally they're crying outside my door at the injustice that I have not let them sleep with me from around 6:30 on. But, troopers they are, by 5:45 Bean was cuddled on my stomach at the computer, as she tends to do now, and Ender was sitting beside her, urging my spare hand onto her head.

It was nice, though. I ate my egg muffins slowly, while reading some news (and reddit, of course). I drank coffee at home, out of one of my own mugs, with milk from a carton, not from several of those tiny little things that work provides. (Seriously, I always have to use, like, 4 or 5 of those to get the desired amount of milk. I feel weird about it.) I watched a BBC video on the protests in the Ukraine. 

I like this, and I'd like this to continue. I don't know it's entirely sustainable. Getting up around 5 means that, for 8 hours sleep, I need to be in bed by 9, which is quite early, considering I'm often not home until 6:30 or 7. Maybe it's only doable on Mondays, when I've banked some extra sleep to spend. But I do like the feeling of this. I like the way my body feels when I can sit, eat, and drink my coffee in comfort, rather than frantically at my desk as I simultaneously run a report, respond to an email and sign for a package. 


#CatWatch2013 – Update!

I thought I'd post a quick update as to how the cats are doing. I think most of you follow me on Twitter and will know some of this, but just in case.

For those just tuning in, my cats, Ender and Bean, spent most of the first week hiding from me, usually in the basement, occasionally in my box spring. I did my best to feed them, draw them out when I could, and generally support them in any way I can. I worried about them a lot but, eventually, they've come out, and no essentially own the house.

It's been funny to watch their personalities come out more and more. Ender, who was the first one to come out, is now the calmer of the two. She demands attention less, tends to hang back, and seems more relaxed in general. She'll have moments where she will be constantly on me (particularly when I'm on my laptop) and seems to love to headbutt my head in a loving manner which just MELTS MY HEART. She's quieter overall, less of a talker, but is often out and about, just less…frantic. She's very sweet overall, though, but I try to make sure and give her extra attention, as she's nowhere near as demanding as her sister. And she's definitely the more subservient one, to Bean, the dominant one. 

Bean, the one who hid and never came out for a week, has now become the most social, affectionate, people driven cat you could ever hope to meet. She will almost always come and greet me when I walk in the door and tends to follow me around the house. She will regularly jump up on my laptop, and likes to hang out on the kitchen table. Every morning when I open my bedroom door (kitties do not get to sleep with me) she will rush in, meowing a greeting at me, and jump on my bed, often rolling over and asking for a belly rub. She likes to hide behind my (sheer) curtains sometimes, and will always meow at me and jump up when I'm doling out food, desperately trying to eat out of the can. I wondered for a while if I was under-feeding them, but I think they just like the wet food (they have plenty of kibble all day). Bean is usually the one to jump in my lap, and will do this adorable thing where she will stand on her hind legs when you're petting her and pull your hand away, trying to get as much pets as humanly possible. She's definitely the talker of the two, and if I do close her out of my room I will hear about it for a few minutes after.

It's been interesting watching their interactions with Buddy, a cat I'm looking after for my parents right now. He's a big old tomcat, easy going, but a talkative one, and a little demanding of attention. They've slowly accepted him and seem to still be working out a pecking order (which will be shot when he leaves in a week or two) but it's been interesting watching him integrate with them. In the mornings, now, when I open the door the three of them will come in, Bean running in and hopping on the bed, Ender and Buddy wandering in as if saying "Oh, hey, s'up?" They do much the same thing at night, now, trying to rush in before I close the door, wanting to hop onto the bed and try and attack my feet under the covers. I've taken to shaking a bag of treats and dropping a few outside to lure them out. Which is probably a bad precedent to set. But, eh.

I love these cats, and they warm my heart, and I am SO glad to have them in my life.

I do still want a dog, though. But these guys are my companions, so it'll have to be a dog who likes cats. Just saying.


Cats, Priorities and Worries

A few days ago two cats, Ender and Bean, came into my life. They're 3 years old and had been raised and cared for by my aunt up until now.

My Mom drove them home and dropped them off at my house on Friday, and I've barely seen them since.

There have been a few moments with one of them (I can't tell them apart yet; they're both black, sisters, the only distinguishing feature is that Bean has a blaze of white on her belly). But besides a few moments spent petting, they have spent most of the time I've been home in hiding.

What surprises me, a little bit, is that I've been worried sick about them. These two cats, who I don't know, really. I've only for sure seen Bean once, pet Ender a couple times, and that's it.

But I made a commitment to love and care for them when I agreed to take them in. I think it would be easier if I knew where they were hiding, but they are very good hiders and tend to blend into the shadows. I think they're spending time in my box spring, but I'm not honestly sure. And it worries me that I can't see them, talk to them for sure, know they're okay. I have a tendency to talk to them any time I enter a room I think they may be in. The neighbors may think I'm insane, but I couldn't care less.

It's been funny though, watching my internal priorities shift. Feeling suddenly how important these two little living beings are to me. How worried I felt when I was petting Ender last night and noticed how skinny she was (I think she's just naturally skinny, but still). How nervous I am about Bean, since I don't think I've seen her at all. Worried that this will be our life, that they will constantly be in hiding from me, that this move has scarred them for life.

Realistically, I know Bean won't let herself starve. I know at least one, if not two of them, are eating during the night. I know they have all day alone to relax and do as they like, to get the lay of their house. I know that my aunt described these as the most social, affectionate, interactive cats she'd ever had, and that eventually they'll warm up to me, leave my box spring, and start exploring the house and find lovely spots to lie.

But still I worry.

I'm sure this time in a few weeks I'll look back on this and laugh as I fend them off from my food. Right now though, I'm excited to get home, chat to them a bit, hopefully get to pet Ender again (she seems to decide to come out and let me pet her around 11 most nights) and maybe even say hello to Bean.

It's funny, how priorities shift.

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Point Form Updates Return!

Oh hi! I've been busy, dear reader. And I'm trying to squeeze this in on the train. So, point form updates for all!

  • I am changing jobs! The firm I work for is joining with another one, meaning I'll be moving offices, working with some new people, and doing a bit less random running around. It still isn't exactly what I want to be doing, but this will be a much larger organization with room for growth, so we will see how it plays out. The transition has kept me busy, but I think this will be good for myself and everyone involved.
  • I've been doing my best to go to the gym, and have been going most mornings. I haven't gone much on the weekends lately, last weekend was my birthday so I was swamped, and this weekend I really wanted to just hermit a bit. I'd like to try and do one longer workout on the weekend, as I normally only have about 30 minutes in the gym in the mornings (managed to squeeze things a bit and bump it up to 30 from 20). I also need to figure out the best, most fun way to work out. As much as I've been going and doing some cardio, I walk away not really feeling like I worked out much, which is kind of annoying. I haven't really seen any results yet, but it's early still, so I'm not too worried about that.
  • I got a ticket to #BiSC! I'm super excited for it, honestly. Already been talking to a lot of great people.
  • I've had this feeling lately that I want to try to be more involved with my friends. This may be a bit of a longer post, but I get this feeling sometimes that I forget things, that I don't follow up on things they tell me, and I don't like that about myself. A lot of it is honest scatterbrain, really, but it's just a little thing I want to work on, being more considerate.
  • The house is coming together still. I'm discovering little things I keep realizing I need (paper towels, garbage can) but slowly everything is coming together. It still feels odd sleeping there. Really odd. I think it will be a while before my bedroom really feels like the sanctuary my old room did.
  • I'm getting two cats! My aunt has a couple she had asked about me taking off her hands for a while. She says they're really intelligent and sweet, and a while ago she asked me to name them. I went with Ender and Bean, though we eventually realized they were girls, not boys. So now I think I'm in a position to take them, and I should get them in a couple weeks. It'll be really nice to have some animals in the house. It'll mean more work, and more expenses, but I think it will be worth it.

So. That's me, pretty well. How're you?

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