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Vacations and Loose Skin

Vacation wise, this has probably been one of my healthiest yet. My wife’s side of the family is very health conscious, so the food is healthy and in reasonable proportions, and everyone works out pretty much daily. There is also an adorable little niece who we hand off chasing duties to, meaning someone in the house is always responsible for following her around as she runs around and making sure she doesn’t bang her head on anything. It’s a running joke by now that she’s helping me get my daily steps in. Just now this blog was interrupted by following her around for 10 minutes, running after her, and occasionally sitting down to read half of a book.

Maybe it’s the mirrors here, or maybe it’s a weight loss, but I’m noticing some loose skin. The skin around my belly button is starting to sag a bit on each side. Just a bit. But I had my wife look at it, and she agrees it looks like loose skin.

I was hoping to avoid this. I was hoping I wasn’t too far gone, but the stretch marks that I’ve had for years likely speak against that. But it’s funny in that it’s both a positive and a negative. It’s something to celebrate and something to worry about. It means I’m making serious progress. But it’s also an unpleasant side effect of this whole process. It means I may need to have surgery, or do some special exercises to work on this. It means that I was working towards a place where I’d feel comfortable being shirtless in a pool, and now realizing I’m liking actually moving AWAY from that.

But it does mean progress. It does mean health. It does mean I’m moving in the right direction. It’s a funny little victory there.

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