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Tom’s Guide to Gift Giving: Yule (b)log Day 2

So I suck at gift giving. I’ll admit that straight off the bat. I love doing it, but I just suck at coming up with ideas.

I mean I have lots of great ideas. But they’re all huge and decidedly expensive. Sudden trips. Big gestures. And whatnot. But, I’ll try to share what I think I know. 

1. Give something they wouldn’t get themselves. There are often things we want but that we might think are frivolous, or silly. A gaming themed throw rug. A giraffe print. Even something as simple as a computer game. Think about what the person might want, but might not want to buy themselves, or might not know they want. I’ve always thought about getting my Dad an iPad. It’s frivolous, and he doesn’t need it, but he has taken to using my Mom’s well, and I’ve thought it could open up a lot of worlds for him. Of course, I don’t have that kind of cash, and he would tut tut at the expense, but it’s the kind of thing he’d never ask for, but I think he’d enjoy.

2. Give something they will use. A practical gift isn’t always a bad thing. I’d love a good pair of socks right now! I’ve gotten Klutzy a journal in the past which she uses daily. We got my mother an iPad that changed her life basically, and ditto for an iPhone. Something unexciting isn’t always the end of the world. It all depends on the person. You can’t always get them the most insightful, precious thing ever. And there’s nothing wrong with something that says “I know you can use this.” 

3. Avoid clothes. Clothing is a very personal matter, and it’s something that’s very hard to capture. Someone’s size and personal style can be shifting constantly. A too small or too large gift can depress. The exception here is accessories. A scarf, gloves, a hat, these things can vary and work. Of course this all goes out the window if it’s someone you know REALLY well, but even then, tread lightly. I would be very wary about buying Klutzy anything. While I think I know her style well, I’m not sure I’d be able to pick out something that she’d like. Now, a scarf or purse, though that I could do.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask. Most people won’t give you a list, but I think many will happily offer a suggestion, or a general theme. You can get around being too explicit by asking questions like “What are you in to lately?” Maybe they’ve taken up a hobby that you can support! Or maybe they’ve been thinking about it and you can help start them off. 

5. Give gift receipts. Even the best gift ever may not work, or they may get two, or it may not quite be to their taste. Get a give them a gift receipt. Don’t be ashamed or angered if they do end up returning your gift. The joy is in the gifting itself, not the expectation of repayment or something like that. You won’t always get it right, but if you give something honestly, and try your best, they will be grateful. 

Well, that’s about all I know! Now if anyone has any suggestions for my wife, I’m all ears...

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  1. I suck at gift giving too. While I love Christmas, I always have a moment of “Goddamnit, not again ….” when I realize I have to start the gift stress bonanza all over again.

    Here’s to an easy year of shopping!

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