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In the halls of daring acts, I'll admit this one doesn't really compare to, say, skydiving or asking out the pretty girl on my GO Train. For me, however, it's a big one.

I've signed up to Vlog, every day in August. One of the bloggers I read regularly, Ashley, is organizing an event whereby a bunch of folks get together and do a video blog every day in August. I remember them doing it last year and watching a few myself. It was...kind of amazing, how people put themselves out there, regularly. Not even just sharing their experiences, but their faces, their voices. For me, it's the last bit that's scary. I'll happily write to you about my most embarrassing events or about my deepest, darkest feelings, but show you my voice and face in a perhaps less than flattering pose? Scary as Hell.

But I've been thinking lately a few things;

  • I need to work on some interests outside of WoW, as it can and does consume a lot of time.
  • I would like to push my own boundaries a bit.
  • I want to write more and blog more.
  • I'd like to be more social, even if that is on the net.

VEDA2011 hits all of these things.

The one thing I will do is to shield these a bit from the general public. I've never been scared of sharing my writings before, but sharing a YouTube channel where I'm talking to a camera is a whole other ballgame. Okay, I feel silly writing that, but still. I'll probably share it with friends and, of course, the general random public. But I draw the line at making it ridiculously easy for every high school acquaintance to see.

So, join me in August to see my handsome mug, every day, talking, any suggestions?

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  1. That’s quite the project… Good luck with it.

    I’m interested to see what you’ll come up with… No pressure, though.

    • Oh, of course not. Just people seeing me talk every day about random things.

      Fun fact; I will now feel the need to actually get dressed and look presentable every day. This, alone, makes me kinda sad.

      • You mean you don’t actually dress and look presentable every day?

        I volunteer to be your stylist then. Because frankly, putting my face and accent on camera every day might harm my urge to stay anonymous for now. Terrifying. But major props (Major Props) to you for giving it a go.

  2. Balls to the wall, I’m doing it too!

  3. Can’t wait to see your face during VEDA!! It’s so much fun!! You are going to have a blast.

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