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Exercising, Socialization, Skype and You

I'm supposed to go to CrossFit again tonight. Well, I say supposed to like someone else made the decision. I did.

It's been a week and a half since I first went. I didn't go back after due to a friend coming into town and then getting sick.

Then I started realizing how easily I could start cutting down calories and started thinking about life and how I want to make sure I'm spending time with the people I love, doing things I love.

Then I started talking to friends (including the current object of my affection) more on Skype and other voice chat systems.

And I know it's good for me. I know it won't be as bad as I fear, I know I'll have more fun than I think I will, and I know it won't even take as long as I fear. But I don't wanna. I don't want to leave this warm bubble of friends, of worlds I know. I don't want to dive into this cold and, honestly, seemingly unfriendly world of a gym.

I know it will be good for me. And I know I'll be glad I did it.

My nose is also sniffling today, heralding a resurgence of a cold. Experience tells me if I go and exercise I may exacerbate things, which worries me somewhat, but that's more of an excuse than anything else. And I know I can't go tomorrow, due to a get-together with a friend. And I won't wanna go on Wednesday any more than today. But I may be sniffling less.

I've been worried lately about stress, and I know that this exercise would, in the long run, help me relieve stress. But there's nothing I'd like more than to not have to face that room of people I don't know, to not have to find the trainer and ask for help, and to just say "hey, I'll lose weight through diet change," and never go again.

But I will go back. If not today, then Wednesday. If not Wednesday, than next week. If not next week, than the week after. In fact, I just messaged my friend who went there, to give me some support.

It's okay to not want to do something, for some things to be hard, for some things to be forced. It's about identifying how to make them less hard.


(that's what she said?)

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  1. YOU CAN DO IT!!! I know you can.

  2. I’m with Heather, you can totes do it.

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