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I love a wedding

This weekend I'm heading to a wedding. Okay, I didn't mean for that to rhyme, but still. My friends Patrice and Ted are getting married and I'm stoked to be going.

I'm really a romantic at heart. I love the whole event; not just the pledges of devotion and love, but the friendship and family. The speeches by best friends, parents and loved ones are always touching. I like the modern wedding because, often, it's just a formality. These two have been together for years and years. I'm sure they've made many pledges of their devotion to each other. But this is public; it's done more for the family and friends than anything else.

And legal purposes, of course.

Besides that, it will probably be a bitchin' party. The groom's family has Nova Scotian roots (I believe) and the last time I hung out with their friends it was good times. Matt and Lauren are coming too and, of course, we will have a blast. It's also up in a small town in Ontario, which means a nice hotel room and a cute little town. I am going alone, but I'm okay with that. I'm just looking to have a few drinks and a few laughs, not have any pressure on meeting anyone. I'll find a nice girl somewhere else. Like on Mars.

Either way, keep an eye here and on Twitter and probably on YouTube. I do love documenting these sorts of things.


Belated October Goals

I may eventually just skip a month, but some quick October Goals I wanted to throw out;

  • Regular exercise. I'm starting small here. 10 push-ups a day. While I don't expect to start dropping pounds like this, the idea is to incorporate this into my day, every day, no matter what, and expand on it.
  • Better eating. A lot of this is a mindset, and a choice thing. Keep myself busy in the evening. Make better choices when I'm out. Keep healthy snacks around the office. Greek yogurt with strawberry is a treat.
  • More PD. I've been avoiding this, but I need to get on it. Going to a PD event tomorrow night, have a webinar next week, so there will be a few things like that I'll want to work on.
  • Clean up my room. Keep things more orderly. I've started on this already.
  • Ask for help. I don't often ask for help, from my parents or others. I don't so much mean in any one way, but I often won't accept help even when it's offered, because I feel bad putting people out. And while I think you have to be careful and not take advantage of people, I think I need to be less hard on myself and admit when I need help, and accept it when offered sincerely.

Nothing big and concrete, as goals maybe are supposed to be, but just little things to keep in mind.

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Vlogging again!

Hi all! I'm excited to formally announce that I'm vlogging again! I'll be doing a regular Wednesday vlog on a variety of geeky topics along with Matt, Suki, Hung and Kitty. Collectively we are MSTHK. I am nervous about doing this, even though I vlogged for 31 days in August. I think because it's with other people, and suddenly people depend on me to make quality videos and not just run something off quickly and slap it online. But I'll get better at it, I'm sure, as I did with VEDA. And it will challenge me, as VEDA did. Hey, I'm already blogging more, eh?

You can find my first video below, provided WordPress cooperates. I'll try and throw a channel link in the sidebar. If people wanted to Like us on FB and Subscribe on YouTube that would make me happy...not sure means more Internet points for me!

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Tom’s Life Lessons: Good news, everyone!

I occasionally feel like I've missed out on some things in life. Like I missed the class where they told you "this is the appropriate way to show interest in someone as a friend" or "here are a list of things that are inappropriate to say to people" or "today we will demonstrate how to have a normal, everyday conversation." Maybe I was sick a lot in grade school? I don't think I was.

So I'm going to start a series called Tom's Life Lessons.


Now that that's over with, here's your simple takeaway for today.

When someone comes in to deliver good news to you about themselves it is best to reference yourself as little as possible. If the person is simply bragging, you may of course draw the conversation back to you, but there are a few occasions where the proper response is only joy for the person and polite, non-invasive questioning, in order to allow this person to talk more about this exciting news they are sharing. Scenarios which fall under these rules are, for example:

  • Weddings
  • Pregnancies
  • Births
  • Engagements
  • New significant others
  • Home purchasing
  • New iPhones*

In these scenario it is considered proper to talk little about yourself. You may relay some of your own experiences, and assure the person that this milestone or experience will be exciting and wonderful, but otherwise, let them talk and share. These kinds of things happen rarely, and it is considered proper to allow others to bask in them.


* May only apply to Tom.
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