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Belated September Goals

We're getting pretty well into September now. I'm still recovering from the overload that was VEDA (and the guilt lifting off my shoulders of not being caught up on videos; I'm slowly catching up on comments and videos guys!). However, I wanted to share some goals I've set for myself for September and for the months coming up. They're not BHAGs, but basic things I'd like to start changing in my life.

I have a wedding coming up in late October which I'm very excited for, and I'm using that as a motivator to get me moving on some of these goals.

  • Start looking at my numbers daily. By this I mean my financial numbers as well as my weight numbers. I tend to avoid both, as I don't like what I see on either the scale or on my bank account. Neither are terrible, but I'd definitely like to shore them up. Both really involve discipline. Being smart about where I spend both my calories and my dollars. Building up a buffer so that I can occasionally spend both on something fun and rich without being too guilty. As it is, on both fronts I'm skirting the line. With both I will do my best to start counting things out a bit. I think I will likely start taking out some cash after each paycheck and have that be my spending money for the two weeks, while leaving the rest in my account (and some going into savings) for emergencies. With the weight, I've been logging again using the LoseIt app and will start checking the scale every day again, even if the numbers are a little scary. I'd been waiting til I was sure the number wouldn't scare me, but I don't think that will help.
  • Start searching/applying for jobs. While I am happy where I am, there isn't much room for advancement, I've been here for almost 2 years now and it is time for me to start looking at my larger career path. I'm not going to be desperately searching by any measure, and I will likely let my boss know I will start looking. My current position also makes it difficult to support a mortgage or even rent on a single space; not impossible, but it's not as comfortable as I'd like it to be. I'm very happy to be where I am, as I'm comfortable enough that I don't HAVE to be looking, from a financial, career or mental health standpoint. But I would like to get back in the habit of regularly looking and applying to positions I'm interested in. I'm not going to set a number on this, because a lot of it depends on the market. I'd say if I get 3 serious, well though out applications out by the end of September, I'll call it a win.
  • Get my WoW blog up and running. I have the domain bought, I have a Tumblr set up. I have to link the two and start creating content for it. I've had a lot of ideas and nowhere to post them, so a lot of this is just getting down to it and getting it done.
  • Meet with my blog graphic designer. I've talked to a friend and negotiated to have her do up a header for this blog (as you may have noticed, it's a little plain). I need to schedule a sit down with her to go over some ideas on what I want. I'm not too concerned about the timeline, really, just that it gets started up.

I think those are the big ones for September. Most are doable, I believe. In terms of weight and financial, I don't have any set goals. I'd say the habit of checking each every day, however, would be a good step. I've been logging my calories and think I'm on a downward path in terms of weight lately. I know HOW to do it'; it's simply a matter of doing it.

And though it may not shine through here, I'm excited! It's fall! I have an awesome wedding coming up in October where two awesome friends are getting married, I get to wear a fancy suit and stay in a hotel room and party with some of my favourite people. I get to wear cardigans and sweaters and boots! Drink pumpkin spice lattes! Though not too many of those. There will also probably be exciting new devices coming out in the fall! Part of why I need to get my finances in check. I may even start looking at homes in the fall. I'm not sure I can afford it on my current salary unless the price is very, very right, but we will see. And the Ontario Election is coming up. I may end up ranting about that a bit here, but even if the result is one I dislike, I love elections. The excitement, the back and forth, all of it is intense fun to a political junkie like me.

It's an exciting time for me!

What about you? What are some of your fall goals or exciting events?

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Reflections on VEDA

I did it. I vlogged every day in August. And it was incredible.

As I said before, I had a number of reservations about this project. I was scared at the idea of putting my face out there, at people making fun of me. But you know what my biggest fear was, really?

That no one would care. No one would comment, no one would watch. I would just go unnoticed.

That didn't happen at all, though. And I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that I reached out. I put myself out there. I was honest. And, what's more, I was out there myself. I watched other videos, I commented, I sympathized. I did my best to watch and comment on everything. I failed on that front, in the end, but I did my best. People responded.

Through VEDA I learned about myself as well. I learned that people do like me. That I can be cool. And that if you reach out to people, most of the time, they will reach back. It sounds like a simple thing, a basic realization, but this was huge for me. I've taken it further into my own life and it's already paying dividends.

Beyond that slightly selfish thing, I have made friends. Hell, I may even end up spending NYE in the States with them! That would definitely push the social boundaries, but that might be good for me too. Plus it'd be in California. What's not to love about going from Canada to California in December?

Below you'll find my final VEDA video, though likely not my final vlog, as I enjoyed it immensely. I'm not sure what format my vlogging will take from now on, but I will be sure to keep you apprised, dear reader.