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Jack Layton’s Last Letter

For those who may not know, Jack Layton was the Leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada, as well as the recently elected Leader of the Official Opposition. He died early this morning and there has been an outpouring of grief across the media, both social and otherwise.

Jack was, for all intents and purposes, the leader of the left in Canada. Much of our hopes and dreams were pinned on him; he had helped usher us into a new era and brought, for the first time in years, real left wing politics to the official opposition position in Parliament. His loss is a blow to our cause and our goals, and many are now scrambling to figure out how we will recover from this.

I don't have answers on that. I will say this is inspiring me to step up, to research and firm up my beliefs and I'd be willing to bet I'm not alone.

In the meantime, left or right, young or old, Canadian, American, what have you, I urge you to read this. Jack wrote a letter to Canadians from his deathbed. While much of it may be a inapplicable to you, I urge you to particularly pay attention to what he says to the youth, and to his closing remarks.

Thank you.

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